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At 12:10 20.10.1997 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Dr Dish,
>We are a satellite company based in Cyprus, Paphos and have installed
>numerous systems around the area approx 1500 2.4m plus hundreds of 90 cm
>dishes.  I would say our experience in the field is very good, however,
>I have encountered a problem which I just can not fathom out I am sure
>you can help me.
>About a year ago I installed a number of MNET systems,- PAS 4, C Band,
>without any problems. 2.4m dish, 17k Cal amp LNB, receivers PACE (irdeto
>conditional access card).  Over the summer I started to get calls from
>these customers about loss of sound and picture every 2 to 3 minutes. On
>one specific customers I did the following.  Changed the LNB twice, 
>Changed the coaxial cable and connectors, re located the dish and
>finally changed thje receiver.  The problem still exists.  On studying
>the sittuation further the customers only lose the pictures and sound on
>clear days and nights, if the weather is cloudy picture and sound are
>stable without any interuptions.  The dishes are also facing a hill
>where there are terrestrial antanaes for the local channels and maybe
>mobile telephone repeaters. 
>If I am getting TI problems do I need some sort of band pass filters. 
>The systems as mentioned is C band package mnet
>Kind regards
>Andreas Paschali.
I am afraid it could TI from the mobile telephone repeaters. First try band
pass filters. JOHANSSON and GLOBAL Communications offer this filters for a
low price. This filters are cutting down all signals below 900 MHz.
From the same companies you can get the "satslopes", which "equalize" the
IF-band. We got the same day/night experience here and this little device
cured the problem, because the agc of our tuner could not cope with strong
signals in the lower band.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
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