Re: Radio Italia in ADR.

Jordi  Puig wrote:
> Hello,
> Do any of you know why Radio Italia Solo musica has started using ADR
> in the german TV channel SW3 ?
> It's really strange...

yeah, but I enjoy it :-)

> ...As Astra 1C doesn't cover all Italy, and there may be very few ADR
> receivers in that country.
right (unfortunately)
> Regarding that radio-station, their sound sometimes carries 'analog'
> noise,
> as if it were received with a terrestrial FM tuner before uplinking it
> to Astra.
probably, yes (or similar):

my guess is: they capture the signal from EUTELSAT 13e (analog Wegener-Panda)
and code it into ADR, then uplink again to ASTRA.

Beside that "noise" they transmit some curious LF audio signals time by time
(about once per hour). ABout 4 different tones each lasting nearly one second. 
Does anyone know the meaning of this signals? (I asked Radio italia..., they 
confirmed: we got your question. That's all).

> Best regards.
> Jordi  Puig                             |

Detlef Schmidt


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