[SAT-TOPIC]: Xtra continues?

Hi Taras!

Thanks for the information, I can understand much more things now. I still
lack some information to complete the picture. Let's try to answer those

1. ADR seems to be cheaper then MPEG. When more stations go digital (move
to Astra 1D and up) could all those transponders be used for ADR? If so, it
will get even cheaper. But what are radio broadcasters waiting for? What is
Xtra waiting for?

2. Another problem (cost) is music copyright fees. MCE is owned by Sony and
Warner, both having a huge collection of copyrights. With such a
background, MCE could  produce their program at a lower cost than DMX. E.g.
to produce a CD it costs just a few cents, but even wholesalers pay a few
dollars for a CD with copyrighted material. This means copyright does cost
a lot, and to produce 24 hours, 60 channels program you need a lot of
copyrights. How will Xtra deal with copyrights?

3. There is a problem with the content of DMX channels. DMX channels are
produced in the USA, for American market. What is popular there need not to
be popular in Europe. To get high customer satisfaction Xtra would have to
produce some of the channels exclusively for European market, like MCE

4. What about cable operators and program package providers (Multichoice,
Premiere, ...)?


Domagoj Maric
E-mail: doma@iridis.com
ICQ UIN: 1155449

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