SATCO DX 960421

In this edition, you will not only get a brief summary of the updates at
SATCO DX the last two weeks. There is also some very important news in the
end of this message.

Some miscellaneous news first:
Muslim TV Ahmadiyya has moved to Intelsat 603: 11,007 V, PAL, European beam
and left Eutelsat II f3

Saudi TV ceased on Gorizont 26: 11,525 R in the middle of March

RTP Internacional has left Gorizont 31: 3,925 R

Pro TV, Romania on Eutelsat II f1: 12,576 H, MPEG-2, clear

CNN International has started on Hot Bird 1: 11,283 V, MPEG-2. The
information menu says "Hot Bird DStv", unsure whether this is the first
channel of a new digital packag

LBC Sat (Lebanon) started official transmissions on Arabsat 1DR: 4,180 V on
8 April

Intelsat 707 has replaced Intelsat 702 at 1,0W:
D2-MAC test cards on Intelsat 707: 11,540 V, 11,484 H and 11,665 V

TV G has started on Sirius: 11,785 R, PAL, 24h

Astra promo on Astra 1D: 10,832 H (tp 57) was replaced by SBS 6 on 15 April

Beta Technik DSTv has started with test transmissions on Astra 1E: 11,798 H
(tp 69), MPEG-2. The chart has a list of included TV channels.

Showtime Network tests on PAS 4: 11,4?? H, MPEG-2, clear
The chart has a complete list of included channels

On 16 April, Business TV on Intelsat 602 ceased, which improved the reception on
Cinquestelle on 11,055 H

Show Radyo and Best FM on Türksat 1B: 11,175 H: 7,02:7,20 and 7,38:7,56

New Home pages:
Pro Sieben at http://www.pro-sieben.de/
drdish@tv has moved to http://www.sat-net.com/drdish/
NBC Super Channel has an own home page at
Show TV at http://www.medyatext.com/showtv/
Cine 5 at http://www.medyatext.com/cine5/
Show Radyo at http://www.medyatext.com/showradyo/
Best FM at http://www.medyatext.com/bestfm/
SRI - Swiss Radio International at http://www.srg-ssr.ch/SRI/

The first channels (at SATCO DX) on the US satellites:
RTP Internacional on Galaxy 6: 3,960 H
Deutsche Welle on Satcom C4, Intelsat K and Asiasat 2

Specific footprints can be found on these chart pages:
RTP Internacional on Galaxy 6, Ekspress 2, Eutelsat II f2 and Asiasat 2
Dutsche Welle on Satcom C4, Intelsat K, Eutelsat II f1, Astra 1A and Asiasat 2

--- Other news:
SATCO DX Sallite Chart has changed address to "http://www.satcodx.com/" today.
Please change all referring links to the new site.

The new address for contributions and other mails is now webmaster@satcodx.com

SATCO DX Satellite Chart is now cooperating with TSE - The Satellite
The result of this are links from every satellite page at SATCO DX to
corresponding page with technical info at TSE.
In some days, TSE will have similar links to SATCO DX as well.

If you join "the club" of contributors, you get all these updates via mail
the same day I upload them to SATCO DX.

Best Regards,
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