SATCO DX 960505 + competition

During the last two weeks, there have been a lot of new updates to the
chart, and even some channels on US satellites. The intention is to cover
the North/South American satellites as well, to be a "real" world wide chart.

On 1 May, a competition for all contributors was introduced. You can read
more about this in the end of this message.

Here is a summary of all the updates:
SuperSport on Astra 1E: 11,720 H (tp 65) has stopped their D2-MAC transmissions
Astra promo on Astra 1D has moved back from 10,891 H (tp 61) to 10,862 (tp 59)
The Racing Channel on Astra 1D changed transponder on 1 May, from 10,877 V
(tp 60) to 10,773 H (tp 53), new time: 12-20 CET
Astra 1F has begun testing at 28E, a test carrier has been found at 12,129 V
(This satellite is listed separately at SATCO DX at 28E)

Miracle left Eutelsat II f3 early in April when Muslim TV Ahmadiyya moved to
Intelsat 603 EuroSport has a Polish audio subcarrier on Eutelsat II f3:
11,617 V: 7,56
Euro Trans Med on Eutelsat II f2: 11,163 H, PAL
Spanish TV 3 on Hispasat 1A/1B: 12,671 V, PAL
Logotypes for TV channels on Hispasat 1A/1B
Cable Antena digital package on Hispasat 1A/1B: 12,456 L
RAI Due/Tre on Hot Bird 1 use Discret-12 to encrypt some broadcasts
RAI Pico on Eutelsat II f4 M has changed transmission times to Mon-Fri 10-12 CET

AB Sat digital package on Hot Bird 1 includes these channels:
AB channel 1 (American series), Animaux (Animals), Polar (Old films and
series...), Musique classique (Classical Music), Rire (Comedies...), Newlook
(Erotic), Cartoons (Mangas the whole day...), Encyclopedia (Educational,
close to Planete which is owned by

drdish@tv on Kopernikus 2 has changed frequency to 11,675 H
All future transmissions will take place on 11,675 H. This was announced
during the transmission on 26 April and can also be read on the drdish@tv
home page.

Voice of Ethiopia on Intelsat 510: 3,930 R

On 22 April, Lebanon News started official transmissions on Arabsat 1DR: 3,820 V
ART 3/ART Shopping on Arabsat 1DR: 4,140 H, PAL
Radio Liban on Arabsat 1DR: 3,820 H
Radio Syria on Arabsat 1DR: 3,740 H
Radio Oman on Arabsat 1C: 4,062 L
Deutsche Welle has left Intelsat 510: 4,051 R

Zee TV and EL TV have changed tps on Asiasat 1
Prime Sports is now called Star Sports
Star Chinese Channel on Asiasat 2: 3,760 H
Test card on Asiasat 1: 3,820 H, PAL
TVI - TV India on Raduga 31 at 83E: 3,875 H, PAL
ORT 1 on Gorizont 26: 3,825 R

Palapa C1 updates:
Star TV 4,180 V
TPI on 3,840 V
SITV on 4,140 V
CFI has moved to 4,160 H
CNN International is in PAL, not B-MAC
Cartoon Network/TNT on 3,940 V in B-MAC, not PAL
CNBC Asia on Palapa C1: 3,880 H until 04.00 UTC (daily)
ABN and GMA Network changed frequencies on 1 May.
ABN is now on 4,040 H and GMA Netowork on 3,920 H

Echostar 1 at 119,0W has been added, plus 109 digital TV channels and a
lot of new links for these channels. The chart has a complete list of all
DBS 1/2/3 at 101,0W have been added, plus 72 digital TV channels and a
footprint for the DirecTV service. The chart has a complete list of all
NHK on Galaxy 6: 3,820 H (tp 6)

NEW HOME PAGES: (European)
SDR 1, S2 Kultur and SDR 3 at http://www.sdr.de/
ARD on http://www.ard.de/
MDR 3 on http://www.mdr.de/
Euro Trans Med at http://www.ibmpcug.co.uk/~etmf/
Polonia 1 at http://www.vol.it/HTML_POLONIA/POLONIA1/program.html
NRK 1 has changed URL to http://www.nrk.no/
Europe by Satellite at
LCI - La Chaîne Info at http://www.tf1.fr/groupe/activit/lci/e11a.htm
EuroSport at http://www.tf1.fr/groupe/activit/euros/e10a.htm (in English)
EuroSport France at http://www.tf1.fr/groupe/activit/euros/e10.htm (in French)
RTL die Grössten Oldies (x-RTL Oldiesender) at http://www.rtlradio.co
RSR - Radio Suisse Romande at http://www.srg-ssr.ch/RSR/Acc_RSR.html

NEW HOME PAGES: (non-European)
Cartoon Network at http://www.filmzone.com/SpaceGhost/cartoonnet.html
CCTV - China Central TV at http://www.wtdb.com/CCTV/ (unofficial)
Star Sports at http://www.starsports.com/

All contributors can now be part of a new competition at SATCO DX and even
win a prize!

Every day the chart is updated, one point will be given to the person who
sent in the best (most valuable) contribution for that update.
The person with the highest score on 31 May, will be the winner of the month
and receive a prize. In May, the winner get a StopSpot 101, which can stop
the VCR from recording commercials! (It is working on PAL, SECAM and NTSC.)

Rules and current standings can be found on "Competition" at SATCO DX.
The current competition started on 1 May and will finish on 31 May. A new
competition for June is planned.

Everyone can be a "contributor". All you have to do is sending in updates to
the chart.

Best Regards,
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