SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 26 August-1 September

SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 26 August-1 September

Here is a summary of last week's updates to the chart.
More details can be found at http://www.satcodx.com/

Please read in the end of this mail about how to get more
details of all the updates covered in these weekly mails.

--- ASTRA:
RTL 4 left Astra 1D: 10,759 V (tp 52) on 26 Aug.
mTh trailer left Astra 1D: 10,847 V (tp 58) on 31 Aug.

A lot of changes on 1 Sept.:
Zomer TV ceased on Astra 1D and Eutelsat II f1
SBS 6 ceased on Astra 1D: 10,832 H (tp 57) on 1 Sept.
Test cards for RTL 4, RTL 5 and Veronica 6 ceased on Astra 1D
TM 3 started on Astra 1D: 10,936 V (tp 64)
CMT Europe started on Astra 1D: 10,744 H (tp 51), Videocrypt 1
Sky Two started on Astra 1A: 11,303 H (tp 7), Videocrypt 1
JSTV started parallell transmissions on Astra 1D: 10,773 H (tp 53)
CMR - Country Music Radio started on Astra 1D: 10,729 V (tp 50),
7,38:7,56 MHz, very bad sound

Sat.1's teletext service is on http://sat1text.de/
ARD/ZDF's teletext service is now on http://videotext.ardzdf.de/

Radio Netherlands has started on Astra 1D: 10,847 V (tp 58): 7,38:7,56

RTL package on Astra 1F: 12,363 V (tp 98), MPEG-2
A lot of other updates on the digital packages on Astra 1E/1F

Home pages:
BBC Radio 1 FM at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/
BBC Radio 3 at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/index.html

ATV International on Turksat 1B: 10,967 V has been renamed to ATV 2

M 49 (Russia) started on Gorizont 31: 3,925 R, SECAM on 1 Sept.
NTV+ started on GALS 1/2: 12,169 R on 1 Sept.

La Televisione del Cinema on Hot Bird 1: 11,593 H (temporary channel),
home page at http://www.mmstudio.com/veneziacinema/

Changes on both Telepiú tps on Hot Bird 1/Eutelsat II f1
Zomer TV ceased on Astra 1D and Eutelsat II f1
Radio Italia Noticia on Hot Bird 1: 11,408 V, 7,38 MHz
Pro TV on Eutelsat II f1 has a home page at http://protv.kappa.ro/

The Norwegian 3+, Z TV and Sportkanalen are on Sirius 1: 12,664 L, MPEG-2

DR 2 started on Intelsat 707: 11,667 V, D2-MAC on 30 Aug.
DR 1 and DR 2 are also on Intelsat 707: 11,592 H, MPEG-2
NRK To started on Intelsat 707: 11,485 H, D2-MAC on 31 Aug.

TV + temporarily stopped its transmissions on Intelsat 707: 11,676 H
on 31 Aug., they will be back on a new tp with a new profile

The test card on Amos 1: 11,308 H has ceased

TV 6 Moscow started on Express 2: 3,975 R on 26 Aug.

CCTV 4 has left PAS 3R: 4,180 V and switched to MPEG-2

Peoples Revolution TV (Libya) started on Arabsat 2A: 12,700 V on 27 Aug.

--- ASIA:
Updates on 1st net and Showtime Network digital packages on PAS 4

DD 2 - Metro on Insat 2B/2C: 4,170 H, PAL

Gorizont 27 replaced Gorizont 19 at 96,5E on 20 August.
A big drop in signal strength in Australia, but less inclination

XJTV - Xinjiang TV started on Apstar 1A: 4,120 H on 29 Aug.

A lot of channels has recently started in the PerfecTV package on JCSAT 3

More channels on Superbird B1:
12,330 V: Channel Yokohama (MPEG-2)
12,430 H: Cable Soft Network (NTSC) 
12,470 H: Let's Try (MPEG-2)
12,510 H: Life Design Channel (NTSC)

TDRS 5 at 174W added to the chart:
3,960 H: BBC World
4,160 H: CNBC

Channel America on Telstar 402R has been off air since late August
Fashion TV Network has started on Telstar 402R: 3,880 V (T4-09)

Gospel Music Network on Galaxy 3R has moved from 3,860 V to 4,000 H
Showtime 2 and Flix have left Galaxy 3R and moved to Satcom C4

VH-1 has a new home page at http://www.vh1.com/

Telecom 2D will be located at 5W, 11 tps in 11,450-11,700 GHz,
will start in the end of October

Superbird C will launch with Atlas in June 1997 

Echostar 3(?) will launch with Atlas in September 1997

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As an example, the complete TV channel/transponder allocation chart
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