SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 28 October - 3 November

SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 28 October - 3 November

Here is a summary of last week's updates to the service.
More details can be found at http://www.satcodx.com/ or by
subscribing to the Daily Update mails.

NVS replaced M 49 on Gorizont 31 at 40 East: 3,925 R, PAL (1 Nov.)

New channels on GALS 1/2: (all in SECAM)
11,766 R: NTV+ Sport
11,835 R: NTV+ Music
11,919 R: NTV+ Mir Kino (World of Cinema)
12,166 R: NTV+ Nashe Kino (Our Cinema)
Footprints have also been added.

DF 1 on Astra has got new tps and left one tp,
plus included several new channels.

CMT Europe and JSTV have left Astra 1B: 11,568 V (tp 24),
replaced by a Sky Channel Info, Videocrypt 1 (1 Nov.)

Computer Channel started on Astra 1D: 10,847 V (tp 58) (1 Nov.)
Sky Scottish started on Astra 1D: 10,862 H (tp 59) (1 Nov.)
The Racing Channel has moved to Astra 1D: 10,877 (tp 60) (1 Nov.)

QVC Germany promo started on Astra 1D: 10,759 V (tp 52) (1 Nov.)
HSN Direct are on Astra 1C: 10,994 H (tp 35) and 11,082 V (tp 41)

Tierman TV on Eutelsat II f3: 12,567 H, MPEG-2

RAI International on Hot Bird 1: 11,464 V, MPEG-2

Nova Shop on TV-Sat 2: 12,054 L, D2-MAC, 05-09 CET

A digital radio package is on Telecom 2B: 12,711 H

EDTV is on Intelsat K: 12,725 V
(seen in Europe only due to a technical fault?)

ETB 1 left Hispasat 1A/1B: 11,654 V on 26 October

A digital package on Orion 1: 11,600 V, MPEG-2

Antenna TV (Greece) has changed their URL to

JSC - Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel (Qatar) started on
Eutelsat II f3: 11,080 H and Arabsat 2A: 12,521 H (1 Nov.)

ATV has left Turksat 1C: 11,697 V after just 10 days

Canal + Horizons is included in the Multichoice
DStv Africa package on PAS 4

Arabsat 1C:
TV de Mauretanie has left 4,082 R
CNN International has left 3,830 R

Home pages
IBA (Israel) at http://israel.org/gov/brdcast.html
Number One FM at http://www.NumberOne.com.tr/

--- ASIA:
Express 6 has started transmitting at 80 East:
These tps have been tested so far:
3,725 R, 3,830 R, 4,025 R, 4,075 R, 4,128 R
The signals are very strong around the Arabic peninsula.

TV Shopping Network has started on Palapa C2: 3,880 H
Vijay TV has left Intelsat 704: 4,168 R after a short test

ESPNews started on Galaxy 9: 4,120 V (G9-21) (1 Nov.)
WPCB-TV started on GE 1: 3,840 V (tp 7) (1 Nov.)

Fox Net on Satcom C1: 4,080 H (C1-19)
X! TV on Telstar 402R: 3,820 H (T4-06)
CBS TV on Galaxy 7: 4,080 H (G7-19)
Infomercials on Galaxy 9: 3,960 V (G9-13)

Bravo and MuchMusic have started on Anik E2: 11,730 H, Digicipher 2
ASN - Atlantic Satellite Network on Anik E2: 12,096 H
TV Northern Canada and TV Newfoundland on Anik E1:
4,080 H/4,020 V, Digicipher 2

AFRTS has left Spacenet 2: 4,100 V (S2-20), is now on GE 1
The Discovery Channel left Anik E2: 11,730 H in mid October
AIN - American Independent Network on Spacenet 3R has gone digital

MCET has replaced Channel One on Galaxy 4: 11,930 H
Channel One has moved to 11,960 H

WMNB on SBS 5 has moved to 11,898 H

HTV - Hispano TV is testing on GE 1: 3,800 H (tp 5)

Intro TV has replaced Estacion Montellano on Galaxy 7: 3,920 H (G7-11)

Gospel Music Network on Galaxy 3R is now encrypted in VC2+

New channels in the DirecTV package on Galaxy 3R:
ESPN 2, CineCanal West, CineCanal East and CineCanal 2

Some new channels in the DISH package on Echostar 1/2

Faith and Values on Satcom C3 has been renamed to Odyssey
Mind Extension University on Galaxy 5 has been renamed to Knowledge TV
All Primes Sports channels have been renamed to Fox Sports

In addition to all these updates, there is several
minor corrections on the North American satellites

Home pages:
Telesat Canada at http://www.telesat.ca/
TV Azteca at http://www.interweb.com.mx/tvazteca2/hptvazteca.html
TNT at http://www.tnt-tv.com/

--- SatTracker:
SatTracker has been added to eight more satellites:
Astra 1A/1B/1C/1D/1E/1F, Eutelsat II f1 and Hot Bird 1.
Links to SatTracker are available from the normal TV charts.

SatTracker on the Nordic satellite positions (5E and 1W) as
well as the Astra satellites and Eutelsat II f1/Hot Bird 1
have moved to separate pages, to save download time and to
not take too much space on the TV/radio charts.

To use and see SatTracker, you must have a Java compatible

Please note that the TSE (The Satellite Encyclopedia) links
are external and NOT a part of SATCO DX Satellite Chart.
(TSE is providing technical information for all satellites.)

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