SATCO DX - Updates 25-31 August

SATCO DX - Updates 25-31 August

This is a summary of last two week's updates to SATCO DX Satellite
Chart. More information is available at http://www.satcodx.com/

=== EUROPE:  http://www.satcodx.com/chart1.shtml
--- Kopernikus 3:  http://www.satcodx.com/k3.html
There is an almost completely new line-up on this satellite,
with numerous digital services. Most of these services are
already on Astra 1E/1F, but some are only on this satellite.
For a complete and updated line-up, see the Kopernikus 3 chart.

--- Astra 1E:  http://www.satcodx.com/astra1e.html
There are several new digital German TV channels on
various transponders, ex: RTL, RTL 2, Super RTL, Vox,
EinsExtra, EinsFestival and EinsMuXx. For a complete
line-up, please see the Astra 1E and Astra 1F charts.

--- Eutelsat II f3:  http://www.satcodx.com/e2f3.html
Eurotica Rendez Vous has moved from 10,986 H to 11,163 H and
switched from PAL/Videocrypt to D2-MAC/Eurocrypt.

--- Hot Bird 2:  http://www.satcodx.com/hb2.html
Eurotica Rendez Vous on 11,785 H has switched from PAL/Videocrypt
to D2-MAC/Eurocrypt.

--- TDF 2:  http://www.satcodx.com/tdf2.html
This satellite is probably still moving from 18.8 West
to 36 East, and is currently at 6 East.
(uncertain information)

--- Intelsat 707 at 1W:  http://www.satcodx.com/i707.html
BBC Prime has replaced MTV Europe on 11,679 H, D2-MAC

3+ and TV 6 have started on 10,974 V, MPEG-2/clear,
but they are very weak.

--- Live Real Audio:
Radio Radio at http://www.radioradio.it/radiorad.ram

=== ASIA:  http://www.satcodx.com/chart3.shtml
--- Intelsat 802 at 180E:  http://www.satcodx.com/i802.html
Intelsat 802 has replaced and took over services from
Intelsat 701.

--- Intelsat 701:  http://www.satcodx.com/i701.html
Intelsat 701 is currently moving from 174 to 180 East.

--- PAS 2:  http://www.satcodx.com/pas2.html
The following channels are included in the ABS-CBN package
on 4,086 H: Sky 1, Sky i, Knowledge TV, Sky News and
SNN - Saramanko News Networks.

--- Apstar 1:  http://www.satcodx.com/apstar1.html
Footprint links added for this satellite.

--- Palapa C2:  http://www.satcodx.com/palapac2.html
Footprint links added for this satellite.

--- Thaicom 3:  http://www.satcodx.com/thai78.html
Continental TV has started on 3,585 V, PAL, 21-24 Bangkok time.

=== NORTH AMERICA:  http://www.satcodx.com/chart2.shtml
--- Anik E2:  http://www.satcodx.com/ae2.html
A package consisting of CTV, CBC Newsworld, Tele Latino and
The Weather Network is now on 4,180 V (E2-24), MPEG-2/PowerVu.

Virtual Channels (VCs) and internal numbers are added to all
Star Choice channels, and this package has now got an own
"digital chart" page. Logotypes are added to many TV channels.

--- G-Star 2:  no URL
G-Star 2 is deorbited and has been removed from the service.

--- Live Real Video:
TBN - Trinity Broadc. Netw. at http://www.tbn.org/video.ram

=== LAUNCHES:  http://www.satcodx.com/launches.shtml
PAS 5 was successfully launched with Proton on 28 August,
to be located at 58 West and mainly serve South America.

Scheduled launches the next few days:
2 Sept., 22:16 UTC: Hot Bird 3 with Ariane, to be located at 13E.
3 Sept., 12:03 UTC: GE 3 with Atlas, to be located at 87 W.
More details including live launch coverage info is available on
the "Satellite Launches" page.

Best Regards,
Christian Lyngemark                 SATCO DX Satellite Chart
Christian@Lyngemark.com             webmaster@satcodx.com
http://www.lyngemark.com/           http://www.satcodx.com/

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