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International Satellite Broadcasting News
Number 80, Week ending 3 December 1995
By Martyn Williams
News Desk : Internet martyn@twics.com  or CompuServe CIS:martynw
(c) TELE-satellit Magazine

  ATLANTA, Georgia (TS) -- A worldwide news channel to rival CNN from 
Rupert Murdoch came back into the limelight this week after Murdoch 
announced plans to launch a new worldwide network.
  At the announcement Murdoch said he thought CNN had become too 
liberal, "We think it's time to form a really objective news channel. 
I don't know whether it happened with my friend Ted marrying Jane 
Fonda or giving up lithium, but one thing or another, CNN has changed 
very greatly in the last couple of years."
  In his own, unique way, Ted Turner responded by saying "I'm looking 
forward to squishing Rupert like a bug," and added, "It's one thing to 
say you're going to compete with CNN. The last companies that tried it 
were Westinghouse and ABC together, about 15 years ago. We look 
forward to fighting with anybody who wants to get into the ring."
  Murdoch's interests include Sky TV in Europe, including the 24 hour 
Sky News channel, Star TV in Asia, Fox TV in the USA and interests in 

By Branislav Pekic, Satelit TV Video
  BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (STTV) -- RTS SAT, the satellite channel of 
Serbian state broadcaster RTS, will soon start broadcasting to the USA 
after a two year break, due to UN sanctions. 
  RTS SAT which has been broadcasting for five years, is also planning 
changes in its program schedule. The new schedule will include quality 
education programs for schoolchildren and documentaries about towns in 
  Viewers will also have a chance to see some of the best feature 
films from Yugoslavia.

  BUCHAREST, Romania (TS) -- Romanian Television launched a new 
international broadcast last week when it began sending a daily 
programme via Eutelsat 2-F3 from 1930 to 2300 UTC daily.
  The government launched the channel in response to complaints from 
expats living overseas who could not pickup any TV from home, unlike 
citizens of many other countries.
  The channel launched to immediate competition from a private 

By Dan Ionescu, OMRI Inc.
  BUCHAREST, Romania (OMRI) -- The Bucharest-based PRO-TV station, 
which started operating in May 1993, has announced that it will start 
broadcasting new programs beginning 1 December, Western media and 
Radio Bucharest reported. The programs, including foreign series and 
movies, are expected to reach up to 3 million households via 
  The $20 million project is backed by ex-tennis champion Ion Tiriac 
and the businessman Ronald Lauder. According to Radio Bucharest, the 
revamped private TV station will promote competition in the sector, 
which is still dominated by state-run stations. 
  The same source added that another TV station, Romanian 
TV-International, will start broadcasting programs to viewers 
throughout the world the same day.

  LUXEMBOURG (TS) -- Germany's two public service broadcasters, ARD 
and ZDF, will begin digital transmission via the new Astra 1E 
satellite from next year.
  The broadcasts, which will be in parallel with the analog broadcasts 
on Astra 1B and 1C, will begin at an undetermined date in early 1996.

  LONDON, England (TS) -- Talks between Flextech and News Corporation 
are continuing over acquisition of a stake by Fox TV of Starstream.
  Starstream operate The Children's Channel, TCC, and Fox wants to 
take a sizable minority interest in the programmer.

  XICHANG, China (TS) -- China has launched the Asiasat-2 broadcasting 
satellite successfully on a Long March 2E rocket from the Xichang 
launch pad in China.
  The last attempt to launch a second Asiasat ended in failure almost 
a year ago when the rocket exploded 50 seconds after launch while 
being watched by a large national TV audience. This time, to avoid 
embarrasment, the launch was not broadcast live.
  Customers of the satellite include Associated Press's APTV, 
Worldwide Television News (WTN), Hongkong Telecommunications Ltd 
Germany's Deutsche Welle, Portugal-based Marconi Global 
Communications, Pacific Century Group and Malaysia's TIME 
Telecommunications Sdn Bhd and Reuters Financial Television.

  GREENWICH, Conn., USA (PANAMSAT) -- The PAS-3 satellite, the  fourth 
spacecraft in PanAmSat's global satellite system, was shipped today to 
Arianespace's launch facility in South America, where  it  will 
undergo final preparations for a January 1996 launch.
  The new satellite will enable PanAmSat Corporation to expand upon 
its broadcast and telecommunications services in the Americas, Europe 
and Africa.
  "With the shipment of PAS-3, PanAmSat is one step closer to its 
long-held goal of providing expanded satellite services for the 
Atlantic Ocean Region," said Robert Bednarek, PanAmSat's vice 
president of engineering and operations.
  "Based on the current launch schedule, PAS-3 will be in service and 
capable of transmitting hundreds of television channels and a range  
of telecommunications services  by mid-February 1996."
  Based on the latest manifest by Arianespace, PanAmSat's launch 
provider, PAS-3 will lift off on an Ariane 4 rocket in early January 
  PAS-3, an HS 601 satellite with 16 C-band and 16 ku-band 
transponders, will be used for television program distribution 
throughout the Americas, Europe and Africa.
  Broadcast customers on PAS-3 include Artear, Canal 9 (Paraguay), 
Canal 13 (Paraguay), Caracol, China Central Television, Country Music 
Television, Discovery, ESPN, Globo, HBO, Liberty, NBC, Televisa, 20th 
Century Fox, Turner Broadcasting,  TVN, TV-5, Universidad Catolica and 
Viacom International. 

  ATLANTA, Georgia, USA (TS) -- CNNfn, the new CNN Financial Network, 
this week announced details of some of the systems it will use to 
"redefine business news".
  First was "inter.face," an application designed exclusively for 
CNNfn that enables guests to be interviewed live, on camera from their 
place of work by CNNfn journalists.  The "inter.face" creates for 
CNNfn a 'virtual newsroom,' eliminating the constraints of television 
studios and microwave trucks traditionally needed to interview guests 
on camera for live television.
  "With 'inter.face,' the business world is our studio.  We will be 
able to provide viewers with expert commentary and analysis of the 
news as it happens," said CNN Executive Vice President Lou Dobbs.  
"The 'inter.face' will redefine how business news is gathered and 
change what viewers will come to expect from a business news 
  This technology will allow CNNfn to get guests on the air faster 
than competitors and give it an advantage the station said. Each site 
on the "inter.face" will house a mini-studio with a camera and monitor 
set up on a computer terminal where guests can be interviewed without 
having to interrupt the business day to go to the network's studio.  
The computer signal will be carried to the CNNfn studio, where it is 
then switched to a television signal and broadcast.
  For the first time, viewers will have the opportunity to call in 
throughout the entire business day to speak with these experts about 
both the news and issues important to them.  The "inter.face" will 
eventually link experts from business, technology and commerce hubs 
such as New York, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Houston, 
Washington, D.C., and Austin, Texas, allowing them to talk with CNNfn 
correspondents, viewers and each other during all of CNNfn's programs.
  CNNfn is scheduled to launch in the United States on Dec. 29, with 
12 hours of original programming each day from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. (ET).  
CNNfn is the first network designed to launch with distinct but 
complementary content on the Internet, on networked desktop computers, 
on-line as well as on cable and satellite.  CNN Executive Vice 
President Lou Dobbs is the executive in charge of CNNfn, William 
Tucker is vice president of CNNfn and Eric Scholl is executive 
  CNNfn has also opened a web site at http://www.cnnfn.com/

  LOS ANGELES, California, USA (TS) -- DMX Inc. has just launched 
Digital Music Express(R) (DMX(R)) in South Africa on December 1st, 
  DMX Africa, a new South African company owned by Times Media 
Limited, one of South Africa's largest media companies, and Bluestar 
Entertainment Network has concluded an exclusive agreement with DMX 
Inc. to distribute DMX throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.
  For DMX, South Africa represents a significant step in its ongoing 
international expansion.
  DMX Africa will offer subscribers 40 channels of music, each in a 
specific genre ranging from classical, instrumental, jazz and country 
to rock, urban, oldies and a wide variety of international channels.
  The line-up will also include DMX's recently introduced "African 
Rhythms" channel, which features all South African music. DMX utilizes 
sources in South Africa for consultation on programming the channel, 
as well as in procuring South African CDs.
  "We believe that DMX will be a significant attraction for South 
African consumers," said Craig Cesman, chief executive officer of DMX 
Africa. "In addition to its wide variety of programming from around 
the globe, we are particularly proud of the African Rhythms channel.
  The digitally-compressed DMX signal, which originates from the DMX 
satellite uplink in Littleton, Colo., will be transmitted to a ground 
station in South Africa via satellite, where it will be included with 
other MultiChoice DStv programming and uplinked to PanAmSat 4, which 
will distribute it to South African homes and businesses equipped with 
MultiChoice digital integrated receiver decoders. The MultiChoice 
decoder can be connected to both a television and stereo, allowing 
subscribers to fully enjoy DMX's CD-quality sound.
  MultiChoice has recently announced distribution agreements for South 
Africa with several video services, including CNN International, ESPN 
Africa, VH-1, TNT Cartoon Network and The Discovery Channel.

  HONG KONG (BTV) -- PanAmSat has added Bloomberg Information 
Television to the programmer line up on the PAS-2 Pacific Ocean Region 
  Bloomberg will tap into PAS-2's trans-Pacific coverage to achieve 
first-time access to Australia's 6+ million television households as 
well as other major television markets in Asia.
  "With breakneck speed, Bloomberg has become one of the world's 
leading sources for in-depth business and financial news," said David 
Berman, PanAmSat's vice president of program distribution. "We are 
very gratified Bloomberg has chosen PanAmSat and PAS-2 for its entry 
into the Australian television market."
  Bloomberg's service consists of one digital channel on PAS-2's 
C-band Pacific Rim Beam, which provides coverage of Asia and the 
western United States. With the addition of Bloomberg, PAS-2 now 
transmits more than 40 analog and digital television channels 
throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.
  Bloomberg Information Television is a 24-hour television news 
service offering in-depth reporting and analysis of financial news and 
markets worldwide.
  PAS-2, which was launched in July 1994, has 16 Ku-band and 60 C-band 
transponders. Other broadcast customers include ABS-CBN, Asia Business 
News, China Central Television, Disney, Discovery, ESPN, Liberty, NBC, 
NHK, Television Corporation of Singapore, Turner Broadcasting, TVBI 
and Viacom International.


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