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This week's edition brings you up to date with two weeks worth of 

International Satellite Broadcasting News
Number 81, Week ending 17 December 1995
By Martyn Williams
News Desk : Internet martyn@twics.com  or CompuServe CIS:martynw
(c) TELE-satellit Magazine



It was with great regret that TELE-satellit passes on news of the 
passing away of Rene Vreeman, a Dutch satellite enthusiast 
particularly active on Fidonet and the Internet and a friend of this 

Rene passed away last Thursday night/Friday morning after being in a 
coma for several hours. He had been ill for some time.

Rene will be remembered as a helpful and friendly person who was 
always willing to lend a hand and help fellow satellite enthusiasts. 
He devoted much time, and showed much patience, in listening to the 
technical problems others were having and tried to provide solutions.

Rene will be buried on Tuesday at 11.00 am at
'de Algemene Begraafplaats in Heemstede', address Glipperdreef.

TELE-satellit wishes his wife and son lots of strength in the future.

Any readers that knew Rene and would like to express condolences may 
do so to the Vreeman family:
Sonderholm 3
2133 JA
The Netherlands.


  LONDON, England (TS) -- To anyone following global broadcasting five 
years ago the announcements of the last two weeks may seem familiar. 
Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s almost all of the big news 
organizations in the world, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, NHK, ARD, ZDF, TF1, 
Antenne 2, and others, were all planning to set up global news 
channels in partnership with one or two other companies. Well, nothing 
ever came of any of the plans, except perhaps BBC World and Deutsche 
Welle TV, but now its all back on, only with the US networks taking 
the lead.

  NEW YORK, USA (SHOPTALK) -- The media Gods are warring and we 
mortals can just sit back and enjoy the show.
  Ted Turner welcomed Rupert Murdoch's plans to launch a 24-hour news 
channel Wednesday, saying "We look forward to fighting with anybody 
who wants to get in the ring with us.  We're going to squash Rupert 
like a bug!"   In regard to Murdoch's accusation that CNN is biased, 
Turner had little comment, saying only that he had refused buyout 
offers by Murdoch over the years.  "He's tried to figure out a way to 
compete with CNN for years.
  He tried to buy us and we wouldn't sell to him," he said.  Turner 
added that a bonus to his recent merger with Time Warner was that the 
media conglomerate was larger than Murdoch's operation.  (NY Daily 

  NEW YORK, USA (SHOPTALK) -- CapCities/ABC announced that it plans to 
launch a 24-hour news network that could be delivered to viewers by a 
mix of cable, telephone or new technologies sometime in 1997.
  The network sees the news channel as a way to take advantage of ABC 
News's strong reputation and brand name. Because ABC News already 
gathers more news that it can use on the ABC network, programming for 
the new service would also be low cost and help amortize some of the 
news divisions expenses.
  The biggest problem facing the new news network is channel space.  
Some new cable networks, including The History Channel and ESPN2, in 
which ABC has ownership stakes are already battling for a limited 
number of spots available on crowded cable systems.
  The new service faces a potentially crowded field. News Corp. 
Chairman Rupert Murdoch has also said he is considering starting his 
own all-news network to compete against Cable News Network.  ABC's 
service is expected to have more local news than CNN, provided by 
ABC's 200-plus affiliated stations. (Wall Street Journal)

  NEW YORK, USA (SHOPTALK) -- NBC and Microsoft Corp. announced 
yesterday that they plan to invest up to $100 million over the next 
few years in a new 24-hour news channel.
  Sources said Thursday that the two companies plan to explore other 
ways in which they can combine NBC's brand names with Microsoft's 
personal-computer networks as well.  America's Talking, NBC's 
17-month-old cable network will be canceled  to provide a platform for 
starting the network, which is expected to debut in the second quarter 
of 1996. 
  The new network will be overseen by NBC News president Andrew Lack 
and will be produced from the Ft. Lee, NJ studios where CNBC and 
America's Talking are produced.  (LA Times)

  NEW YORK, USA (SHOPTALK) -- Word has it that NBC and Capital 
Cities/ABC Inc. hope to sway cable operators away from CNN (and toward 
their proposed rivals) by playing on cable's fears that the joint 
venture between Time Warner Inc. and Turner Broadcasting System Inc. 
will have too much power in the market.
  Currently, as a result of the merger, Time Warner and Turner 
Broadcasting control both Home Box Office and Cable News Network. 
Officials at both NBC and ABC have confirmed that the Time Warner 
issue is key as they try to find room for their channels on already 
crowded cable systems.  Time Warner refused to comment--as did 
Microsoft, NBC and Capital Cities/ABC Inc.  (Wall Street Journal)

  NEW YORK, USA (SHOPTALK) -- CBS News has formed the world's largest 
satellite newsgathering service, it was announced last week by Eric 
Ober, President, CBS News. 
  It's comprised of CBS News and 13 other broadcasters from Europe and 
Japan and is based in Luxembourg. It began its cooperative operation 
on December 1st. The live news portion of the service will be operated 
by CBS News out of its London bureau, giving CBS News an even greater 
level of access and reliability in covering world events. CBS News and 
its affiliates will enjoy exclusive broadcast rights in the United 

  ATLANTA, USA (SA) -- The Australian Broadcasting Corporation  is 
currently in the initial stages of implementing a PowerVu digital 
video compression system from Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., that will span 
the entire three million square miles of the Australian continent for 
enhanced, expanded news program broadcasting. In addition to the 
PowerVu system, The ABC is also installing eight Scientific-Atlanta 
satellite earth stations using 6-, 7-, and 9-meter antennas.
  The ABC transmits syndicated program material, such as news items 
and sports coverage, between Australia's states using satellite links 
for its TV interchange service. All programming is routed through 
Sydney where it is edited and retransmitted, or scheduled for instant 
on- air viewing around the nation. The new PowerVu digital system 
would enable The ABC to send multiple channels of programming over a 
single satellite transponder.
  "Digital video compression is a cost-effective way for us to 
distribute news feeds, current affairs reports, and other programs," 
said Ray Reynolds, national manager of technical operations at ABC 
television. "Compression lets us increase the number of programs 
transmitted on the same amount of bandwidth."
  The new Scientific-Atlanta earth stations will provide The ABC with 
total coverage of the continent for its syndicated news items and 
other programs. A dual antenna earth station featuring both 6- and 
9-meter antennas is planned for Sydney, while Darwin will have a 
9-meter antenna. Other capital cities, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, 
Perth, Brisbane and Hobart, will receive 7-meter earth stations. All 
of the earth stations will transmit programming via the Optus B-1 

  JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (BET) -- BET International will launch 
BET On Jazz: The Cable Jazz Channel as part of South Africa's 
MultiChoice bouquet throughout southern Africa starting April 1, 1996, 
via satellite on PAS-4.
  BET On Jazz: The Cable Jazz Channel, which launches in the U.S. on 
January 15, 1996, will be the first national and international 
television programming service dedicated exclusively to jazz music and 
  As part of the MultiChoice package, BET On Jazz: The Cable Jazz 
Channel will be accessible to viewers throughout South Africa, 
Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Mozambique and Botswana.  The 
network joins a host of other international channels on the 
MultiChoice bouquet including M*Net and its three expanded thematic 
services -- Movie Magic, SuperSport, and K-TV; CNN International; BBC 
World; Sky News; ESPN; VH1; Cartoon Network; Discovery; and SciFi.

  KOUROU, French Guiana (TS) -- On December 6, Arianespace 
successfully placed into orbit the Telecom 2C satellite for France 
Telecom, and Insat 2C for the Indian Space Research Organization -- 
  The launch from the Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana, was 
carried out by an Ariane 44L and took place at 2023 local time, 1823 
EST, 0023 CET December 7th.
  Telecom 2C, France Telecom's sixth satellite is equipped with 10 
C-band transponders, 11 Ku-band transponders and 5 X-band 
transponders.  It will provide telecommunications services between 
mainland France and overseas departments, as well as TV broadcasting 
and business communications services in France, and a government 
communications package. Design life is greater than 10 years.
  Insat 2C is the third second-generation satellite designed and built 
by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).  It will provide 
radio and TV broadcast services for India, as well as business 
communications services. Insat C is equipped with 27 transponders, 
including 17 C-band, 6 wide C-band, 3
Ku-band and one S-band unit. Insat 2C's expected lifetime is 12 years.
  The next launch, Flight 82, is scheduled for January 9, 1996.  An 
Ariane 44L launch vehicle will be used to place two telecommunications 
satellites into geostationary transfer orbit: PAS 3R for PanAmSat 
Corp. of the United States, and Measat 1, the first Malaysian 
telecommunications satellite, for the company Binariang Sdn Bhd.

  LONDON, England (BT) -- PanAmSat Corp. has announced that British 
Telecom has completed a major European transmissions gateway for 
broadcasters to access PanAmSat's PAS-4 satellite, which provides 
coverage of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Indian subcontinent and the 
Middle East.  
  The two companies have also entered into a marketing arrangement to 
attract broadcast customers that will tap into the combined resources 
of PanAmSat satellite capacity and BT earth station facilities.
  During a ceremony in Martlesham, PanAmSat's Frederick A. Landman and 
BT's John Swingewood unveiled the 16-meter C-band earth station.  
Doordarshan, India's national broadcaster, will be the first customer 
to use the gateway.  Its signals will be relayed via the PAS-4 Indian 
Ocean Region satellite from India to Martlesham and then transmitted 
via the PAS-1 Atlantic Ocean Region satellite to the United States. 

  HONG KONG (TS) -- Hong Kong-based TVBI is increasing its use of the 
PanAmSat 2 satellite. The broadcaster already uses PAS-2 for its 
service to mainland China and will now begin using PAS-2 for regional 
and international distribution of its television programming.
  The new service, one digital channel on PAS-2's C-band Pacific Rim 
beam, will be uplinked from Hong Kong and allow for distribution of 
TVBI programming throughout Asia. In addition, TVBI plans to use the 
service for news gathering and delivery to the United States via 
PanAmSat's Sylmar, California teleport. From Sylmar, the feed will be 
transmitted via fiber to and from TVBI's U.S studios in Norwalk, 
California. The new service is expected to commence shortly.

  BUCHAREST, Romania (SA) -- Antena 1, Romania's first private 
television network, has selected Scientific-Atlanta, to supply its 
PowerVu MPEG 2-/DVB-compliant digital video compression equipment to 
enable the broadcaster to provide more diversified programming, and to 
make it available to more Romanians.
  One of the major components in the Antena 1 satellite television 
distribution system will be a new 4.5-meter earth station system from 
Scientific-Atlanta. This powerful ground station will enable Antena 1 
to be the first organization in Europe to use the PowerVu system, 
Scientific-Atlanta's new MPEG 2/DVB digital television compression 
offering. In addition to video distribution, Antena 1 will also use 
the versatile equipment for teletext, one separate stereo audio 
channel, and for high-speed data transmissions.
  Antena 1's new equipment is scheduled to begin operation in December 
1995 over the EUTELSAT II F4 satellite.
  Antena 1 holds broadcast licenses for transmission into 10 Romanian 
cities with additional applications pending. According to the company, 
it is the only broadcaster in the country with near-24 hour a day 
programming that includes films, news, sports, entertainment, public 
debates, and advertising. In many cities, its broadcasts are also 
carried by local cable operators, allowing the company to claim it has 
the highest viewing audience in the country among private 

  LONDON, England (TS) -- Are you setting up a radio station or want 
to cut your news-gathering costs? Probably not, but you might still be 
interested in British Telecom Broadcast Services' web site. They offer 
almost everything from a managed terrestrial television network and 
satellite uplink to facilities for a TV or radio outside broadcast. 
  Many satellite surfers know their trailer on EUTELSAT II-F3. But 
there's much more to be seen on this comprehensive web site than just 
an introduction to products and services. 
  You can take a virtual tour of BTs Broadcast services, have a 
real-time look at currently used satellite transponders, and read the 
latest press releases. Everything is easy to understand (and in case 
you dont speak English, there's a section en francais.) 
  Most interesting, but still somewhat under construction is a library 
containing information about broadcasters, "how to watch or listen to 
them and who to complain to if you have a problem." 

  LUBECK, GERMANY (TS) -- Wat is Kink FM? If you ever asked yourself 
this question in Dutch, you should start up your browser, visit their 
web site and you will get the answer. 
  You will also be able to see the usual frequency charts, programming 
details, playlists, link collection and a section called "Fuck U Fuck 
  One may also listen to them, however. Kink FM, which belongs to the 
commercial media empire of Veronica, is broadcast over terrestrial 
outlets in the Netherlands and on ASTRA 1D.
http://www.kinkfm.com (Email: radio@kinkfm.com)


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