TS News - China Plans Apstar Launch

TELE-satellit News, 1 July 1996

China Plans Apstar Launch
  BEIJING, China, 07/01/96 (TS) -- The China Great Wall Industry Corporation
plans to launch Apstar 1A on a Long March 3 rocket this Wednesday, July 3rd.
This will be the first Chinese launch attempt since earlier this year, when
the ill-fated Intelsat 708 attempt was made on February 15th aboard a Long
March 3B rocket.  

  The launch attempt from the Xichang launch site in southwest China will
take place at 10:46 UTC.  As has been the past practice of the Chinese after
launch disasters, there is no live launch coverage planned, but it may be
worth looking for news feeds. 

  Apstar 1A is a Hughes built HS-376 satellite with 24 C band transponders,
and it will provide television and data communications services to the
Asia-Pacific region once it's located at 131 degrees East.  Another Hughes
built satellite, Apstar 2, was destroyed during launch on January 26, 1995
aboard a Long March 2E rocket.  The launcher that will be used this week
has made more than ten successful prior launches. (Curt Swinehart)

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