TS News - MSNBC European Plans Announced

TELE-satellit News, 1 July 1996

MSNBC European Plans Announced
  LONDON, England (TS) -- MSNBC, the joint venture between NBC and
Microsoft, which launches in the US on July 15th, has announced European
launch plans.

  In the US it will launch to the largest audience reach for a new network
with an estimated 22 million US cable subscribers. MSNBC Cable will offer
viewers 24-hour news, talk and information using the news gathering
resources of NBC News and over 200 US affiliates. Programmes for MSNBC are
being developed simultaneously for broadcast and the Internet.

  NBC's plans for MSNBC in Europe will evolve through several phases:
immediately on US launch, MSNBC on the Internet will be available in Europe
through the World Wide Web on www.msnbc.com. Shortly following the US
launch, CNBC will broadcast part of the primetime MSNBC Cable programming at
weekends via its Astra 1D feed to 8.6 million cable and satellite homes in

  NBC Super Channel's new Autumn schedule - details to be announced in early
August - will include some of the MSNBC Cable primetime programming on
weekdays, both on a live and next day basis, reaching an incremental 39
million households. During 1997, building on digital distribution deals
already signed with Nethold for Benelux, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, and
with the Kirch Group for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, NBC Super Channel
will be rolling out its 24-hour European distribution of MSNBC Cable to
digital DTH and digital cable homes.

  The London based satellite and cable programmer also announced that
Nicholas Boles has been named Director of MSNBC for Europe, in addition to
his current responsibilities as Director of New Media.

  NBC Super Channel's President and Managing Director, Roger Ogden, also a
veteran US TV industry executive, said:"The digital era allows for
tremendous growth of business opportunities in television NBC as a pioneer
of innovations within this medium has been quick to ascertain the vital role
that multimedia news and entertainment delivered by telephone, cable and
satellite networks to intelligent televisions and computers in homes and
offices will play in the future. Nicholas has been instrumental in creating
new businesses and revenue streams and will now have responsibility for
establishing MSNBC as a European news, talk and information brand via
television and the Internet."

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