TS News - Spy Satellite Launched By Titan

TELE-satellit News, 3 July 1996

Spy Satellite Launched By Titan
  CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida, 96/07/03 (TS) -- A top secret CIA spy satellite
was launched Tuesday evening from NASA's Cape Canaveral launch facility by a
US Air Force Titan 4 rocket. The launcher, the most powerful in the Air
Force fleet, basted off at 8:31pm EDT (0031 UTC).

  The mission was dedicated to the 19 US servicemen recently killed in a
terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia. Mission control announced, "We have
ignition and lift-off of the Air Force Titan 4 mission K2, dedicated to our
fallen warriors in Saudi Arabia." The launch team, from the 5th Space Launch
Squadron lost five members in the recent Saudi bombing.

  Local newspaper Florida Today reported the mission was carrying a Central
Intelligence Agency communications satellite, something the Air Force
refused comment on.

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