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TELE-satellit News, 4 July 1996

A SECAM test pattern appeared on 3686MHz, 6.6Mhz, yesterday. It will be
interesting to see what appears here. Speculation is that this is a
Mongolian channel but we have seen nothing to confirm this.
Also, Tour de France watchers will be please to know TVE on the EBB digital
service on AsiaSat-2 carries the closing stages of each days race live.
(Peter Merrett) 

INTELSAT 703, 57.0E
Two new channels have appeared on INTELSAT 703 that recently replaced
INTELSAT 510. At 11.542 GHz h, sound 7 MHz, the first Kazakh channel can
be received. Probably, a 240 cm (8 ft.) dish is required to see anything.
The other new channel offers a better reception quality although located
in the Ku band. Muslim TV International, already available at 34.5W, now
is also shown here at 4.177 GHz lhc, sound 6.5 MHz. (Norbert Schlammer)

Franco-german cultur-channel arte was for few hours unavailable. On 11.550
Ghz v I founded a testscreen "Deutsche Telekom TV Schaltstelle Baden-Baden
5" only - no teletext, no sound. DFA newsfeed from Lubeck I received on
12.558 Ghz h. Few hours later, NDR Hannover was reported for
regional-magazine "Hallo Niedersachsen" on this transponder. Occasional
news-feeds also for 12.692 Ghz h: SAT 1 "18:30" and a unknown swedish
programm I noted tonight. 

ASTRA 1A-F, 19.2E
Big surprise on the morning: digital-package by Canal Satellite Nummerique
France was available loud and clear on 10.847 Ghz v! Instead of multi
Thematiques, there was showed a wall of monitors in a rotation for few
hours. In the middle: MCM Euromusique, sound was during the very interesting
experience on 7.02/7.20 MHz. On the other monitors: La Chanice Meteo (only
in MPEG 2 since last week), Tele Monte Carlo, Cine Cinemas, Cine Cinefil,
Canal +, EuroSport, Canal Jimmy and others. Signal was analogue in PAL
clear. Around 5 pm., the end of the apparition. Follow it was broadcasted
the testcard by SES Luxembourg and finally, multi Thematiques was back tonight! 
And now another very interesting report by Richard Karlsson: I received an
eMail from Rick van Velthuysen, a DJ at very popular Hit-Radio 538, and I
asked him a few questions on 538's digital plans. Here is his answer: "You
can receive 538 by SBS 6 perhaps in the near future on the Filmnet carrier."
I assume that the Filmnet carrier is the one meant for the digital broadcasts. 
Holland Media Group will have stopped analogue service for RTL 4, RTL 5,
Veronica 6 in few weeks. The same for SBS 6 - currency you can listen
Hit-Radio 538 during the programm-break on the TV-soundcarriers.

MCM started last Friday evening to have subtitles in English on 
page 888 on their Eutelsat Hotbird transponder. (Robin Clark)

EUTELSAT 2-F1, 13.0E
DW TV has its own teletext-service. You can find information about the new
data-service DW direct. For the reception you need a special
teletext-decoder for the PC. Deutsche Welle comes on 11.163 Ghz h around the
clock. DW-text is currency a very short service-ca. 10 pages only!

AMOS 1, 4.0W
Top-story in the last days: reception of Amos 1 in Europe! With a 70 cm dish
you can seen in a excellent quality testcards on 11.305 Ghz h and 11.346 Ghz
h - without sound. In Scandinavia it's a 100 cm-dish or bigger advisable.
According Jean-Gerard Hemmer, signal on 11.305 Ghz h was available between
11.30 a.m. until midnight. I found a lot of testscreens also on 11.346 Ghz
h. Thanks for the contributors Robin Clark, Jean-Gerard Hemmer, Nicolas
Ghita, Werner Kilian and 
Luigi Ghiringhelli.

Source: TELE-satellit "SAT-stefan", Stefan Hagedorn (unless stated)

(c)TELE-satellit 1996. All rights reserved.

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