TS News - Lithuania Passes Mass Media Law

TELE-satellit News, 4 July 1996

Lithuania Passes Mass Media Law
  VILNIUS, Lithuania, 97/06/03 (TS) -- The new nations of Eastern Europe
continue to establish new laws and charters. Lithuania has just passed a new
mass media law, as Saulius Girnius of OMRI reports.

  The Seimas on 2 July adopted the much-discussed mass media law, BNS
reported. Until January 2002, state-owned Lithuanian Radio and TV is to be
financed by budget allocations, subscription payments, sales of its
programs, sponsorship, charity funds, and advertising revenues. The law
establishes a National Radio and TV Board, which will appoint the LRTV
director-general and approve programming. The Seimas also ratified the
Lithuanian-Polish treaty on their common border.

Source: OMRI, http://www.omri.cz/

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