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TELE-satellit News, 1 August 1996

Transponder News

- According to Mogens Poulsen, around the position 31 degrees E you can seen
first test-signals by TURKSAT 1 C. On 11.456 Ghz there was a strong signal,
another data-carrier on transponde 11.632 Ghz h.

ASTRA 1A-F, 19.2E
- MDR Fernsehen will start on August 1th the stereo-sound. He's broadcast
for satellite-viewers (via transponder 11.112 Ghz h) and for the terrestrial
- TV3 Sweden, TV3 Danmark and TV 1000 will cease service on August 1. All
channels you can seen furthermore on the scandinavian powerful "Hot
bird"-position 1 degrees W (INTELSAT 707). Christian Lyngemark is reported,
"on TV 3 Sverige and TV 3 Danmark you can sometimes see a scrolling text
saying that they will cease on Astra on 1 August. But I haven't seen that on
TV 1000 yet!" The sucessor of the Kinnevik-programmes is currently unclear,
probably BSkyB.

- ICTY TV/Internews had stopped transmission on 11.638 Ghz h. During the
"programm-breaks" is a insert of PTT Telecom The Netherlands present.

- According to Hans-Thomas Teuschow, tve Internacional had replaced on
EUTELSAT Hot Bird-transponder 11.221 Ghz h during the Olympic Games 1996. On
the moment you can't find details to the movies by TVE. Udo Deutscher
reported, more information will offer at first in September.
- On the former Kabel 1 transponder 11.055 Ghz h I found around 18.55 CET a
testcard calling "Funcino E/S" (it's a up link-station in Italy), few
minutes later had broadcasted art Europe (parallel on EUTELSAT II-F3) for 30
minutes ago. I think, the station will swich soon to this channel on the
popular position 13 degrees E. The new place for  German's VOX is according
this story on 11.596 Ghz h.
- Another visit for AB Channel 1 have been noted on 11.638 Ghz h (between
circa 15.40 to 17.30). It's the first analogue signal since few months,
usual comes AB Sat digital-package until 21.00 CET on this frequency only.
Channel 1 I received in the last 2 weeks on 11.676 Ghz h. I think, the very
popular entertaiment-programm will back soon. However, for all
test-transmissons no audio was available.

- A "brand new" occasional news-transpoder was available on the last
weekend. According to Ben Zandstra, a lot of reports after the bomb-attack
in Atlanta on the last saturday broadcasted on 12.540 Ghz v. A testcard by
AT & T, an American phone-company, was showing on Sunday. It's the first
transmission for this transponder in the long history of INTELSAT K.
- Chinese television CCTV 4 had broadcasted around 14.00 CET on 11.532 Ghz
v. I received a news-report in PAL, sound at 6.60 MHz.

  All reports from Stefan Hagedorn, <dxstefan@aol.com>

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