TS News - Gilat Plans Israel Internet Service Via Satellite

TELE-satellit News, 1 August 1996

Gilat Plans Israel Internet Service Via Satellite
  PETAH TIKVA, Israel, 96/08/01 (TS) -- Israel's Gilat Satellite Networks
has revealed plans to begin a pilot project offering Internet via the new
Amos satellite to customers with Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) units.

  The company said it will supply around 100 locations in the country with
60cm dishes which will be used for reception and transmission between the
Amos satellite and the receiver. Trial users will be able to access the
Internet at 128 kilobits per second, double the speed of an ISDN line.

  The company also announced its VSAT business is booming. Since June
10,1996, the company received more than US$3 million in new orders for a
total of more than US$13 million. This sum includes a recent order by Gilat
Communication Engineering (GCE), a related company, for an additional 50
interactive VSATs for its distance learning network in South Africa and a
hub station for a pan-African pilot.  Delivery for all these orders is
scheduled for 1996.  
  The company has also received an order for more than 20 FaraWay VSATs and
a similar number of interactive VSATs for the Guandong branch of the
People's Bank of China.

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