TS News - CNNI To Help US Citizens Stay In Touch With Home

TELE-satellit News, 5 August 1996

CNNI To Help US Citizens Stay In Touch With Home
  ATLANTA, Georgia, USA, 96/08/05 (TS) -- CNN International has announced it
will begin airing a new program aimed at keeping US citizens abroad in touch
with home. The program, American Edition, will start in and be sponsored
heavily by American Airlines.

  The program will remind some long time CNN International viewers of the
hours and hours of CNN Headline News that the network used to run to fill
empty time spots in the days when CNN International was little more than a
mix of domestic CNN and Headline News.

  American Edition will be 15 minutes long and air three times a day on all
of CNN International's feeds, including Europe, Latin America and Asia. It
will premiere on September 2. The program will be presented on a daily basis
by one of CNNI's anchors and is planned as a fast-paced production for
people on the move with limited time for television viewing.

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