TS News - Poll Finds Satellite Better Than Cable

TELE-satellit News, 29 August 1996

Poll Finds Satellite Better Than Cable
  NORWALK, Connecticut, USA, 96/08/29 (TS) -- Satellite television offers
better programming than cable television, that's the headline finding of a
poll conducted by Inteco Corporation into the opinions of American TV viewers.

  The public's perception of the satellite television if that it offers
superior programming choices, movies, sports, picture and sound quality. The
company surveyed 3,100 households and asked them specifically about digital
satellite broadcasting packages, such as DirecTV and USSB, and cable television.

  Based on the survey, the company predicted the percentage of households
receiving digital satellite programming would increase from 2.4% now to 12%
by 2000. It projects cable penetration will rise from 65% currently to 67%
in 2000.

  Harry Hoyle, vice president of the Norwalk-Connecticut-based research
firm, said, "Satellite and cable companies are squaring off over subscribers
and movie rental companies face increasing competition from pay-per-view
(PPV) programming."

  He added, "The public's perception of DSS is based on the ability to
control TV entertainment. Households will pay more to watch less TV, if they
have increased control over their entertainment, such as the larger number
of PPV and premium movie channels."
  The results and forecasts of the Inteco market research survey are based
on nationwide interviews in April/May 1996 of 3,184 households with annual
income of more than $25,000.

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