TS News - ChinaStar To Launch On Long March

TELE-satellit News, 29 August 1996

ChinaStar To Launch On Long March
  BEIJING, China, 96/08/29 (TS) -- Just days after a Chinese Long March
rocket failed to place the Chinasat-7 satellite into orbit, the Chinese
launch industry received a confidence boosting order, said the China Daily

  The official newspaper said China Orient Telecommunications Satellite Co
Ltd has signed a contract for a late 1997 launch of its ChinaStar-1 satellite.

  Hao Weimin, president of the company, was quoted by the newspaper as
saying, "There is no plan to switch to other rocket carriers."

  ChinaStar-1, which will be launched between September and November next
year, was built by Lockheed Martin Corporation and will have 48 ku-band
transponders. Its footprint covers all of China and areas of Asia to the
south of the country.


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