TS News - Rendez Vous Promises Return Soon

TELE-satellit News, 5 September 1996

Rendez Vous Promises Return Soon
  PARIS, France, 96/09/05 (TS) -- French based hard-porn channel Rendez Vous
Television has explained why it disappeared from European skies, a year
after launch. The service said its Swedish uplinkers, Teracom, have decided
to abruptly end their contract.

  The broadcaster uses Eutelsat II-F3 on 10.987 GHz, h, and was missing
since last Sunday night, the anniversary of its launch. Rendez-Vous claims
in its statement it was switched off by the Swedish telecommunications
company Teracom which decided not to renew the uplink contract.

  Despite the programming originating from France, the channel so far was
uplinked from Stockholm. Rendez-Vous management hadn't been previously
informed about the decision to discontinue the arrangement. Tonight, a
message was to be broadcast using a mobile uplink unit to inform the
audience about the technical situation.

  This indicates that Rendez-Vous still has its time-slot (0000 through 0500
GMT.) The company said it will move its uplink to a location in a different
European country soon: "We will keep this interruption as short as possible
-- 4 or 5 days." Customers will receive a extension of their subscriptions
by one month to compensate for the interruption.

  Source: Sat-ND contributed to this report.

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