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Hungary Launches Digital On Amos
  BUDAPEST, Hungary, 96/09/06 (TS) -- Antenna Hungaria's MPEG-2 package
started officialy this week on AMOS-1. It carries Hunngarian Television
channels aimed for cable tv re-distribution. At the moment 50 cable
head-ends are participating.

  The first channel is TV3 Budapest. This was started on 4th of November
1994 by the council of Budapest, it is a commercial-entertainment channel
with lots of movies and localy produced shows, news and information
programmes. Until this time it was only transmitted via the AM-micro system
of Budapest, and re-distributed by cable systems around Budapest. With its
move to satellite it is now available in the whole country.

  Other names has not been disclosed yet, however the Hungarian HBO seems to
be one choice, but it is pay-tv, thus it will be scrambled. On Wednesday the
package included a channel which showed live pictures of the transmitting
tower and the microwave-center of Budapest.

  More digital signals should be expected soon from Hungary as Nethold will
start with their package, which should include the A3 Television as well.

  By: Tamas Nyitrai

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