TS News - VH-1 Announces Europe Expansion

TELE-satellit News, 7 September 1996

VH-1 Announces Europe Expansion
  LONDON, England, 96/09/07 (TS) -- MTV Networks Europe is taking the VH-1
UK service into other regions of Europe. On the channel's second
anniversary, extended distribution was announced into Scandinavia and
Eastern Europe with plans to extend the service into other European countries

  The news was announced by Michiel Bakker, senior vice president, Network
Development, MTV Networks Europe, who said the international service will be
broadcast from October 1.

  To Scandinavia, VH-1 will be available 21 hours a day on the Sirius
satellite at 5 degrees East. For Eastern Europe, viewers will be able to
tune in 24 hours a day via Eutelsat's Hot Bird satellite.  The broadcast of
VH-1 UK in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe will initially be non-commercial.
Advertising breaks will be filled with innovative VH-1 graphic images and
idents giving details of programmes in local times.

  Says Michiel Bakker, "VH-1 UK is extremely successful and our decision to
extend its distribution into other parts of Europe comes as a result of
overwhelming demand from cable and DTH subscribers for a VH-1 service to be
included within their programming packages. Of course, our long-term
objective is to produce localised versions of VH-1 and we are working toward
fulfilling this goal as soon as possible."

  Plans are in progress to develop more localised versions of VH-1 and
opportunities to join with partners in key European countries are currently
being investigated. As with VH-1 in the UK and Germany, VH-1 will be
tailor-made to suit the overall taste and style of the countries in which
they are broadcast. These tailor made services will ultimately replace the
transmission of VH-1 UK in countries outside of the United Kingdom.

  VH-1 was launched in the UK on 30 September 1994 and in Germany on 10
March 1995.

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