TS News - Hughes Wins JSAT Satellite Order

TELE-satellit News, 12 September 1996

Hughes Wins JSAT Satellite Order
  TOKYO, Japan, 96/09/12 (TS) -- Japan Satellite Systems will be going to
Hughes for its fifth satellite, JCSat-5. Hughes Space and Communications
International (HSCI) said today that it has won an order from JSAT for a
HS-601 platform satellite, the most popular commercial satellite type in the

  The new satellite will be used to expand coverage from the present Japan
only beams offered by JCSat-1 and JCSat-2 to an Asia Pacific beam that
includes areas as far east as Hawaii. It will be used for all types of
traffic, including voice, data and television signals.

  Delivery is scheduled for November 1997 and the satellite will be launched
on an Ariane rocket.

  JCSat-5 will carry two octagonal communications antennas and two wings
with four solar panels each that together provide more than 5,000 watts of
power.  The payload consists of 32 active Ku-band transponders.  

  There will be 16 transponders operating with 27-MHz bandwidth, each with
60 watts provided by a traveling-wave tube amplifier (TWTA); four operating
with 36-MHz bandwidth, using 60-watt TWTAs; and 12 operating with 36-MHz
bandwidth, each with 90-watt TWTAs. Four of the 36-MHz transponders can be
switched to two with 76 MHz with 90 watts.

  This is the fifth satellite to be built by Hughes for JSAT. JCSat-1 and
JCSat-2 are HS 393 model spin-stabilized spacecraft. These were Japan's
first commercial communications satellites and were launched in 1989.
JCSat-3, an HS 601 model, was launched August 28, 1995. JCSat-4, also an HS
601 model, will be launched early next year.

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