TS News - News Datacom Wins Emmy For Encryption Systems

TELE-satellit News, 3 Octiber 1996

News Datacom Wins Emmy For Encryption Systems
  NEW YORK, New York, USA, 96/10/03 (TS) -- The National Academy of
Television Arts and Sciences today awarded United Kingdom-based News Datacom
(NDC) with an Emmy award for Outstanding Achievement in The Sciences of
Television Technology. The Emmy is for NDC's achievement in "... Encryption
of Signals for Home Television Reception."  It was received by Dr. Abe
Peled, CEO of News Digital Systems Ltd., NDC's parent company, at an awards
ceremony held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York Tuesday evening.

  Specifically, the Emmy is for the company's technological development and
the VideoGuard/DBS system designed specifically for DirecTV in the USA. "We
are pleased to be part of News Datacom's success.  NDC has revolutionized
the use of high security for the encryption of signals to home television,"
said Eddy Hartenstein, president of DirecTV. "NDC's pioneering work in
encryption benefits us and our customers."

  "We are delighted to be honored by the National Academy of Television Arts
and Sciences," said Dr. Abe Peled, CEO of News Digital Systems.  "We first
introduced smart-card-based systems for pay TV in 1989, and today our
systems are used all over the world."

  This Emmy award is the third major award to have been won by News Digital
Systems in 1996. In April, its subsidiary, DMV, received two Queen's Awards
in the United Kingdom, one for technology and one for export.

  News Digital Systems (NDS), is based in the United Kingdom and provides
end-to-end solutions for digital broadcasting. The company offers DMV's
leading digital video compression products and NDC's conditional access
services as well as complete system design integration and support services
for digital pay TV. DMV and NDC are News Digital Systems subsidiaries.  News
Digital Systems is part of the News Corporation's Technology Group,
responsible for its high technology companies.

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