TS News - Hungarian TV Now 24 Hour Via Satellite

TELE-satellit News, 5 October 1996

Hungarian TV Now 24 Hour Via Satellite
  BUDAPEST, Hungary, 96/10/04 (TS) -- Hungarian Broadcasting Corporation has
announced that its satellite channel, "M Sat", is now broadcasting 24 hours
per day on satellite. The channel has commenced digital broadcasts already.

  After a 3 week test period during which "M Sat" broadcast a six hours
evening program, its President Peter E. Klenner announced on Friday the
start of the 24 hour transmission.  M Sat is broadcasting via Astra IE,
transponder 93, and can be received with a digital decoder all over Hungary,
both by cable operators as well as by individual satellite receivers.

  So far, HBC has contracted with 80 cable operators which gives M Sat a
technical reach of 30% of all Hungarian households.  According to HBC's
marketing plans this reach will be increased to 50% by the end of this year
and 60-70% by the end of 1997.  In comparison, MTV2, the second Hungarian
national terrestrial channel, has a technical reach of 80%.

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