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TELE-satellit News, 15 October 1996

Nordic Media News Roundup
STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 96/10/15 (RADIO SWEDEN) -- This is a roundup of media
news from the Nordic nations compiled and written by George Wood of Radio
Sweden's MediaScan. For the full bulletin, and a version in Real Audio,
check http://www.sr.se/rs/english/media/scdx.htm .

  Sweden's Bonniers publishing giant has avoided involvement in ether media,
except for its Megapol network of local radio stations. But Bonniers
subsidiary Marieberg, publisher of Sweden's largest newspaper "Expressen"
and Scandinavia's largest morning newspaper "Dagens Nyheter", has plans to
start a satellite and cable-based TV channel, which would concentrate on
news and public affairs programming. (Swedish Radio News, "Svenska
Dagbladet" and "Dagens Nyheter")

  Sweden has sought to protect children from violence in children's programs
and advertising directed to children. The satellite channel TV3 has
circumvented this by broadcasting from Britain (and TV3's most notorious
program of violence aimed at kids is Rupert Murdoch's "Power Rangers"). The
European Commission has rejected Swedish government attempts to impose the
Swedish ban on children's advertising on TV3. Now a report from the pan-EU
consumer organization BEUC backs up the Swedish position, demanding an EU
law protecting children from advertising. If the EU is not willing to give
children this protection, the BEUC wants countries with stricter regulations
to be allowed to enforce them, including advertising directed to one country
from another. (TT)

  The Scandinavian service of the Sci-Fi Channel began on schedule on
October 1, but on the Tele-X satellite rather than the previously reported
TV-SAT. After starting initially on 12.713 GHz, Sci-Fi is now using 12.600
GHz, so far uncoded. Sweden's largest cable network, Telia Kabel TV, is
including Sci-Fi in its pay package, but has moved Cartoon Network/TNT in
most networks to make room for Sci-Fi. (Richard Karlsson, "Aftonbladet")

  Swedish Nickelodeon is now sharing the Z-TV transponder on Sirius.
Nevertheless, Telia Kabel TV has no plans to introduce the channel on its
networks. So when Nickelodeon is on the air, the cable channel picture on
the Z-TV channel is still encrypted in Eurocrypt, as on the satellite.
(Richard Karlsson, "Aftonbladet")

  VH-1--The Scandinavian VH-1 carried now on Sirius 11.785 GHz is identical
to the British version on Astra, with one exception: it's commercial free!
Instead of commercials the Scandinavian version carries promos introducing
the VJs and programming. (Richard Karlsson, "Aftonbladet")

  FILMNET--On January 1, 1997 FilmNet will end its analog transmissions on
Astra transponder 11. It will only be available on Intelsat 707. The new
British Channel 5 will take over the Astra transponder on that date
(assuming it's satisfied its licence condition that a sufficent number of
British VCRs are retuned in time, as Channel 5 will be using terrestrial
frequencies usually used by VCRs). (Richard Karlsson, "Aftonbladet")

  BBC--BBC Prime is expected to take over MTV's former Thor  transponder on
12.092 GHz. MTV, which is now on 11.679 GHz on Intelsat 707 at the same
position, will cease on November 11. BBC Prime will start transmissions on
November 13. (Richard Karlsson, "Aftonladet")

  By: George Wood
  Source: Radio Sweden

(c)TELE-satellit 1996. All rights reserved.

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