TS News - NASA Plans Live Mars Surveyor Launch Coverage

TELE-satellit News, 2 November 1996

NASA Plans Live Mars Surveyor Launch Coverage
  CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida, USA, 96/11/02 (TS) -- Live coverage of the launch
of NASA's Mars Global Surveyor will be available on NASA-TV. In the United
States this can be received via Spacenet-2 at 69 degrees West, transponder
5, 3,880MHz, audio 6.80MHz.

  Planned coverage is as follows:

  Tuesday, 5 November
  1430 EST  Pre-launch press conference

  Wednesday, 6 November
  1030 EST  Launch coverage begins
  1211 EST  Mars Global Surveyor Launch
  1430 EST  Post launch press conference

  NASA-TV is also available on the Internet via CU-SeeMe video conferencing.
Thanks to Curt Swinehart for supplying this information.

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