TS News - Indonesian Broadcasting Law Delayed

TELE-satellit News, 2 November 1996

Indonesian Broadcasting Law Delayed
  JAKATA, Indonesia, 96/11/01 (SatND) -- Indonesia's first broadcasting bill
well be delayed as the parliament has extended the debate to other media,
including the Internet. Abu Hasan Sazili chairman of the parliamentary
broadcast committee said on Friday denied recent reports that claimed the
committee was under pressure from
commercial broadcasters.

  The new legislation is expected to allow advertising on Indonesia's
state-run TVRI (Televisi Republik Indonesia) although foreign advertising
may be restricted for all broadcasters.

  Sazili denied today that "privately owned television stations have lobbied
us strongly not to allow TVRI to carry advertising," even though TV
advertising in Indonesia already is a multi-billion dollar business (about
US$670 million in 1995.) Instead, he explained the delay with the need to
discuss cable television, the Internet and multi-media applications.

  By: Peter Klanowski
  Source: SatND

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