TS News - Canada Gives Up On V-Chip

TELE-satellit News, 19 December 1996

Canada Gives Up On V-Chip
  OTTAWA, Canada, 96/12/19 (SHOPTALK) -- Canada's effort at creating a
television ratings system, hailed in recent weeks by parents groups in the
US as the best way to protect children from sex and violence on the tube,
has been shelved by Canadian broadcasters.

  Since the introduction of Canada's ratings system three years ago, it has
been plagued by technical problems and ongoing internal debate over how the
content of American projects should be rated. "I'm very disappointed," said
Tim Collings, an engineer who worked on the V-chip project.  "I think the
Canadian broadcasters caved in."  According to Linda Leslie, a Canadian
Broadcasting Corp. official responsible for rating show, the problem was
that Canada didn't "have a classification system we thought was good
enough. We thought we could do better."

  By: Don Fitzpatrick
  Source: Wall Street Journal via Shoptalk

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