TS News - MTV Plans UK Expansion

TELE-satellit News, 22 January 1997

MTV Plans UK Expansion
  LONDON, England, 97/01/22 (TS) -- MTV Networks Europe has announced plans
to launch two new servics in the UK. The first of the two networks, "MTV In
The UK", will replace the north European version of MTV Europe that British
homes currently receive. It is expected to begin operations during the summer.

  The second channel, "M2: Music Television", will broadcast the latest hit
music from the US and run commercial free. The same channel was recently
launched, to a satellite only audience, in the US and is seen as the first
step towards pan-European distribution.

  The MTV In The UK service is expected to take a place in BSkyB's multi
channels package while M2 will be offered in BSkyB's planned digital platform.

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