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TELE-satellit News, 22 January 1997

Nordic Media News
  STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 97/01/21 (Sveriges Radio) -- This is a roundup of
media news from the Nordic nations compiled by George Wood of Radio Sweden.

Satellite Changing

  There have been a few changes at the Nordic satellite positions at 1
degree West (Tele-X, Sirus) and 5 degrees East (Intelsat 707, Thor,
TV-Sat). Turner's Cartoon Network and TNT are now coded at 1 degree West
(10.995 GHz). Norway's digital Telenor package is no longer at 5 degrees
East, but continues at 1 degree West, on 10.974 GHz. And the SciFi Channel
has also stopped broadcasts from 5 degrees East, but continues in PAL from
1 degree West, on 12.054 GHz. (Richard Karlsson, "Aftonbladet") Curiously,
the sound from the Nova shopping channel can be heard before SciFi starts,
with a SciFi screen. Kinnevik's Sportkanalen, having given up the fight
with Nethold's SuperSport, has left its Swedish service on Sirius and its
Danish service on TV-SAT 2. ("SATCO DX Chart Update") The Swedish TV6
service, which shared the transponder with Sportkanalen, has resumed
weekend programming.

Radio Sweden New Satellite Relay

  On January 1st, NBC Super Channel formally became NBC Europe, on Eutelsat
II-F1, on 10.987 GHz. And we hope our European listeners have tuned into
Radio Sweden's new satellite service on that same transponder, on audio
channel 7.56 MHz. Our relays on Astra and Tele-X will be coming to an end
in March.

DAB Broadcasting in Sweden

  Public broadcaster Swedish Radio has to save an additional 5 percent of
its budget, around 12 million dollars, by the turn of the century, in order
to complete the introduction of Digital Audio Broadcasting. This is in
addition to the government-imposed 15 percent cutbacks of recent years.
("Dagens Nyheter")

Swedish Public Affairs Channel Criticized

  Swedish Minister of Culture Marita Ulvskog is critical of Swedish
Education Broadcasting's plans to start Arena, a Swedish version of C-SPAN,
the highly successful two channels covering the American Congress. A study
is being conducted on the future of the company, and the results are
expected in September or October at the earliest. ("Etermedia")

More Advertising On TV4

  The Swedish government recently agreed to let the commercial terrestrial
TV4 broadcast more advertising, in return for keeping the company's local
studios around the country in operation. The media magazine "Resume"
reports the deal may mean tens of millions of dollars in additional annual
profits for TV4. ("Svenska Dagbladet")

TV5 Looses Cable Carraige

  The French TV5 Europe, which won a bizarre legal fight to force Sweden's
TV5 to change its name a few years ago, has been removed from the basic
tier on most of Sweden's cable TV networks. Telia Kabel TV, the country's
largest operator, has moved TV5 to its European package, which it now
shares with channels from Britain, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The channel's
Swedish audience has now shrunk from 1.25 million households to 15,000
households. Telia Kabel has replaced TV5 with the Swedish channel TV6,
which was already available as an "extra" free channel on many networks.
The reason given for the switch is preparations for upgrading to digital
operation during 1997. The Swedish Tenants Union has filed a complaint
againt Telia Kabel TV with the national anti-monopoly authorities. ("Dagens

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