TS News - NBC Expands Reach In India

TELE-satellit News, 14 February 1997

NBC Expands Reach In India
  NEW DELHI, India, 97/02/14 (TS) -- NBC Asia says its Asian channels, NBC
and CNBC Asia, have expanded their reach into the Indian sub-continent. The
two channels are now available in two million homes, said NBC, after the
company signed a distribution deal with cable company IN CableNet.

  India has 15 million cable TV subscribers. NBC began cablecasting on IN
CableNet in October but only around 600,000 of the system's viewers were
able to receive the channels because of technical reasons. NBC explained
that many areas do not receive more than the first 14 channels and the
company has been able to expand distribution by securing space in the first
14 channels on each network.

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