TS News - GE Americom Takes Further Nahuelsat Stake

TELE-satellit News, 24 February 1997

GE Americom Takes Further Nahuelsat Stake
  PRINCETON, New Jersey, USA, 97/02/24 (TS) -- GE American Communications
(GE Americom), operators of the GSTAR, Satcom and SpaceNet satellites, has
taken a further slice in Argetine satellite operator Nahuelsat. The
American company increased its stake holding from 17.25 percent to 28.75
percent. It acquired the original stake in December 1996.

  Nahuelsat was founded in 1993 by three European aerospace companies
Daimler-Benz Aerospace (Germany), Aerospatiale (France) and Alenia Spazio
(Italy). Since then, other operators have joined the company, including
Telecom Argentina and Antel (Uruguay) as well as major Argentinian banks
and investment funds such as the Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires and
BISA (Bemberg Group).

  Nahuelsat's first satellite, NAHUEL-1, was launched on January 30 and
will shortly enter service. The satellite footprint comprises three beams,
Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay (Region 1), Brazil (Region 2) and
all Spanish-speaking countries of South and Central America from Tierra del
Fuego to Mexico and the Southern U.S. (Region 3).

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