TS News - GE And NSAB Sign Sirius-2 Deal

TELE-satellit News, 24 February 1997

GE And NSAB Sign Sirius-2 Deal
  LONDON, England, 97/02/24 (TS) -- Nordiska Satellitaktiebolaget (NSAB) of
Sweden has signed an agreement with GE Capital Satellites - Europe, a
subsidiary of GE American Communications (GE Americom), for transmission
service on the Sirius 2 European satellite. The yet to be launched
satellite will carry 32 transponders with each company, NSAB and GE, owning
16 each. The announced deal allows NSAB to market GE's own transponders in
addition to its own.

  NSAB, a joint venture of Teracom Svensk Rundradio AB, Swedish Space
Corporation (SSC) and TeleDanmark A/S, will therefore be marketing all the
transponders on the satellite. The news increases the chances that the
satellite will provide a home for many Nordic stations that require a
pan-European coverage area. Currently, only some Nordic stations are
receiveable outside the regional and this is really more by chance than
wish. The satellite could provide a home for the long awaited Nordic
international television service.

  The satellite will be co-located with Sirius-1, which started out life as
a British DBS satellite for BSB and was sold when Sky took over the company
and moved all its customers to the Astra satellite.

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