TS News - BSkyB To Change Channel Bundles

TELE-satellit News, 5 August 1997

BSkyB To Change Channel Bundles
  LONDON, England, 1997/08/05 (SatND) -- According to the Independent
newspaper, pay-TV operator British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) is set to
announce changes in the way it packages its programs, the Independent
newspaper reported.

  In effect, cable and satellite television viewers would be able to sign
up for the Disney Channel without also having to subscribe to two film
channels. Up to now, the Disney Channel can only be received when also
subscribing to Sky Movies and the Movie Channel as part of Sky's Premium
Bonus package.

  The Independent Television Commission (ITC), the watchdog which oversees
commercial television in Britain, has been investigating the way BSkyB
markets its channels. The paper said BSkyB was taking pre-emptive action
before the ITC delivered its verdict, but it was unclear who would want to
subscribe to a stand-alone Disney Channel anyway.

  Besides, he ITC is now likely to launch a more extensive investigation
into the issue of unbundling. That affects not only BSkyB but also the
planned terrestrial digital service BDB, owned by Granada Group and Carlton
Communications. The ITC had indicated BDB may in future be obliged to let
consumers pick and choose channels without having to pay extra instead of
offering twelve basic and three premium channels.

  By: Peter Klanowski
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