TS News - Panamsat Prepares For Satellite Launches

TELE-satellit News, 5 August 1997

Panamsat Prepares For Satellite Launches
  BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, 1997/08/05 (TS) -- PanAmSat says its PAS-5 and
PAS-6 Atlantic Ocean Region satellites are undergoing final preparations
for August launches from opposite corners of the world. PAS-6 is scheduled
for an August 8 launch by Arianespace from the Guiana Space Center in
Kourou, French Guiana.  PAS-5 arrived last week at the Baikonur Cosmodrome
in Kazakhstan, where it is scheduled for an August 22 launch by
International Launch Services on a Proton rocket. Combined, PAS-5 and PAS-6
will increase PanAmSat's satellite capacity serving Latin America by
approximately 130 percent.

  PAS-6, a Space Systems/Loral FS-1300 satellite, contains 36 Ku-band
transponders.  The satellite is sold out to Sky Latin America, the Latin
America direct-to-home (DTH) television partnership of News Corporation,
Grupo Televisa, Organizacoes Globo and Tele-Communications International,
Inc.  The satellite has the capability to deliver more than 360 digital
television channels in Latin America.  

  PAS-5, built by Hughes Space and Communications Co., contains 24 C-band
and 24 Ku-band transponders.  It will be the first high- power HS 601 HP
model satellite in PanAmSat's global satellite fleet.  The Sky DTH venture
will use 12 Ku-band transponders on PAS-5 to provide DTH services in
Mexico.  In addition, PAS-5 will provide a range of video distribution and
telecommunications services throughout the Americas with access to Europe.
PAS-5 will also offer connectivity to the Asia-Pacific Region via
PanAmSat's teleport in Napa, California. 

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