TS News - More Home Shopping In The UK

TELE-satellit News, 6 August 1997

More Home Shopping In The UK
  LONDON, England, 1997/08/06 (SatND) -- Britain's television watchdog said
it approved changes that will allow cable, satellite and new digital
channels to carry additional home-shopping advertising and open the way to
the licensing of self-promotional channels. The Independent Television
Commission (ITC), the regulator for Britain's commercial television
channels, said the changes reflect provisions of the revised European Union
Directive on "Television Without Frontiers" adopted last Wednesday. 
The EU Directive was revised to permit up to three hours per day of
home-shopping windows, including infomercials and advertorials. The
allowance is in addition to existing amounts of advertising and
tele-shopping spots, the ITC said.

  Its changes do not affect existing regulations on advertising and
tele-shopping on Britain's three commercial terrestrial channels (ITV,
Channel 4 and Channel 5) said the ITC.

  By: Peter Klanowski

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