TS News - Deutsche Welle Signs For GE-1

TELE-satellit News, 16 September 1997

Deutsche Welle Signs For GE-1
  COLOGNE, Germany, 97/09/15 (TS) -- Deutsche Welle and GE Americom have
signed an agreement to provide Deutsche Welle with satellite services using
GE Americom's GE-1 satellite. Deutsche Welle will use GE-1 to provide
television and radio programs via satellite to cable, SMATV, hotels and
television stations in North America.

  Based in Cologne, Germany, Deutsche Welle is a distributor of television
and radio programs throughout the world.  Deutsche Welle will be joining
other major cable and broadcast companies on GE-1 such as PBS, NBC and
Turner.  "We are pleased that Deutsche Welle has chosen GE Americom to
supply satellite services for its distribution and we are committed to
delivering reliable high quality service," said Andreas Georghiou, Senior
Vice President, Global Satellite Services.  "The addition of a global
programmer like Deutsche Welle enhances our GE-1 neighborhood and
demonstrates our commitment to meet the needs of our global customers."

  Expanding its programming coverage in North America, Deutsche Welle will
move its programming from GE's Satcom C4 satellite to GE- 1.  The Deutsche
Welle service will be dual illuminated on both Satcom C4 and GE-1 from now
until October 31, 1997.
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