TS News - Satisfaction Club Plans Digital Service

TELE-satellit News, 27 October 1997

Satisfaction Club Plans Digital Service
  ROME, Italy, 97/10/27 (TS) -- The first Italian hard-core porn channel,
Satisfaction Club Television (SCT) has announced that it will start a
digital bouquet of channels from November. The channel which has up till
now been broadcasting via the Eutelsat II F2 satellite (10 degrees East)
will continue to transmit in analogue mode, but has also leased a digital
transponder (frequency 12,149 GHz/Ver) on the recently launched Eutelsat
Hot Bird 3 satellite (13 degrees East).

  SCT's new digital service will offer three "thematic" channels, dedicated
to "classic porn", "gays and lesbians" and "bizarre porn". These new
channels will be on the air 3 hours every night of the week. For reception
of the new channels any MPEG-2 compliant digital receiver will do and
subscribers will get an additional NS1 decoder which can be plugged in the
Scart socket of the digital box. 

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