Rupert Swatch, A story.

Rupert Swatch.

I bet you didnt know this.
There is a large media company registered in Adelaide called News Ltd.It is
part owned, managed or whatever by a Mr Rupert Murdoch who was an
Australian citizen once.

Tha basis for this company was a tabloid newspaper on North Terrace called
THE NEWS. This was an evening newspaper. There is also a morning
broadsheet newspaper called the Paralyser!!!!.   No sorry  The  Advertiser
that was run by somebody else. In order to enlarge his little company
Rupert bought
a plane ticket and discovered England and then AMERICA!!!. He was bored one
day and went to the movies where he was immediately entranced by
CInemAScoPE  and the Fox Fanfare. This is the trumpet playing you hear
before most 20th century fox movies.
Now those Anericans are a crafty bunch and they don't let foreigners in
easily. I think rupert then looked up one of those internet providers that
sell green cards or something like that and also became an Amerikan
Citizen. I am not sure how correct this is but you get the Idea. He bought
English newspapers, magazines and something called SKY Television. This
created a new industry for everybody... Israel does the encryption
programs, the Internet pirates in Britain crack them periodically, the
Europeans buy them and then the police get to BUST them. I think they
probably sell cards that work better than the real ones, and I am sure that
is what hurts. Next to come were newspapers and television in America. Well
that is all history now and I maybe should serialise the long version of
this someday. Will some tabloid buy it???

        Back to Adelaide, and the Advertiser people who didnt like Rupert
very much in those days. The News was going bad and it was time for it to
fold up, so Rupert bought the Paralyser!!!! No!  Advertiser. A BROADSHEET!!!
He then retrained the workers, computerised the system, bought offset
printers, introduced us to colour,(everybody else had colour 12 month
previous to this) sold the old News Limited  Building, had another annual
general meeting and left the country till next year.
Now I get to the point of my story. The ol' Paralyser is now going to
become a spreadsheet!!!! no !!! A TABLOID. This is supposed to make the
paper easier to handle, maybe the weekend edition will come out in 2
volumes, will the print be smaller and use less pages or will it all be
encoded and you will need a pair of SMART GLASSES  to read it. It will
probably appear like a sunny english paper I have seen that is also a

 SMART GLASSES copyright B.BODEN 1997...

The reason for the above story is that it mentions Sky Tv and that is
broadcast by satellite.
If you care for my version of how this all evolved please write to me and I
will concoct something. I specialise in tabloid biographies.

I guess you are all looking for the new digital version of EMTV that should
appear for a short while on  Asiasat 2:  http://www.satcodx.com/asia2.html.
I notice Ch 9 is running up and down the frequencies on Optus b1 again. Oh
well another tune up of the rx.  It appears reorganisation is in progress
I have been told that the TVNZ digital scpcs  Intelsat 701 at 180E or W:
http://www.satcodx.com/i701.html  are encoded now with only 1 or 2
occasionaly free to air. Can someone confirm or deny this please. Can you
still see anything in Albury?

Christmas will be upon us shortly and it is time to buy your wife that
sweater, sewing machine, new dress, perfume, or better still even money.
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	I fell into this trap the other night and I could not change
channels for nearly 2 hours. (Has CNN left Pas 2 whilst watching this?
http://www.satcodx.com/pas2.html  )I forget what the heartwrenching story
was about. Remember Hallmark can be a health hazard. Tonight there are sad
animal stories and more heartwrenching family crises to watch out for.
	Well I am still working on that 15 foot dish. Tell us your
adventures, I convinced my neighbour next door that if I pruned the top of
his fruit tree it would at least grow more bushier and he would get more
fruit.(And I could see pas 4) It was too spindly anyway.

Cheers for now,

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