Re: Recieving Turksat 1B

>     I hope you can answer questions in English!?!
>     A friend has asked that I contact you. She wishes to receive Turksat 1B 
>     channels from Canterbury in England. What size dish, which direction 
>     should it point, and what decoding gear does she need. She has no 
>     knowledge of Satellite dish systems and would be grateful for some 
>     information so she is not ripped off by the Satellite Equipment Suppliers 
>     when she approaches them.
>         Many thanks
>     Jon Richards 

Depends which channels she would like to receive. In Canterbury it is not a 
problem to receive the Europe-beam with a 150cm dish, but it will be a 
problem do get anny channel of the Turkey-beam. Even 450cm deliver only a 
very noisy picture.
To have the Europe-beam, normal receiving equipment is just fine and you 
find adresses of installers/suppliers in TELE-satellite magazine. For 
azimuth and elevation calculating I will need the exact location in degree.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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