LIST: Movies in original language on German/Italian satellite tv (12/22-01/03)

List of movies on German and Italian satellite tv that come at least
on one audio channel in the original version:

December 22 - January 3 (time is Central Europe Time)

Su, December 22:

08:35   Buongiorno Musica!: Peter Tchaikovsky, Serenade for strings in C,
RAITRE  Op. 48; 45 min.

11:15   "Our Hospitality"; Usa, 1923; black and white silent comedy starring
RAITRE  Buster Keaton, Natalie Talmadge, Joe Roberts, directed by B. Keaton
        and J. Blystone; 64 min.

22:35   "Cavalleria Rusticana"; opera by Pietro Mascagni performing Waltraud
RAIUNO  Meier, Jose Cura, orchestra conducted by Riccardo Muti, staged by
        Liliana Cavani; 90 min.

Mo, December 23:

01:45   Doc Music Club; 65 min.

02:10   "La Ronde"; France, 1950; black and white movie from a play by Arthur
RAITRE  Schitzler, starring Simone Signoret, Anton Walbrook, directed by Max
        Ophuls; MIGHT be in original language with Italian subtitles; 97 min.

Tu, December 24:

02:40   Doc Music Club; 25 min.

02:50   "Sunrise- A Song of Two Humans"; USA, 1927; black and white silent
RAITRE  drama starring George O'Brien, Janet Gaynor, Margaret Livingston
        directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau; 97 min.

22:50   Christmas Concert from Assisi; RAI Symphony Orchestra conducted by
RAIUNO  Claudio Scimone, with Andrea Bocelli and Stefan Milenkovic; 60 min.

23:30   Prima della Prima: an evening with Renato Bruson; 35 min.

We, December 25:

00:05   "The French Lieutenant's Woman"; GB, 1981; drama starring Meryl
RAITRE  Streep, Jeremy Irons, Hilton McRae, directed by Karel Reisz;
        Original version with Italian subtitles; 123 min.

02:10   "Film"; USA, 1965; black and white short drama by Samuel Beckett,
RAITRE  starring the great Buster Keaton, directed by Alan Schneider; 24 min.

12:30   Christmas Concert from La Scala; with Andrea Rost, Vinson Cole,
RAIUNO  Roberto Frontali, conductor Riccardo Muti; 75 min.

Th, December 26:

02:05   Doc Music Club; 45 min.

02:30   Christmas Concert from Assisi part 2; conductor Nicola Conci; 60 min.

Fr, December 27:

02:15   Doc Music Club; 35 min.

Sa, December 28:

01:30   Feature: Of Squeeze Boxes and Mouth Organs - The Accordion
DW      in and out of Style; 30 min.

01:50   Space Night

02:25   Doc Music Club; 25 min.

02:55   DanceHAUS; dance charts show; 16:9; stereo; 50 min.

04:30   ABC World News Tonight; 25 min.

09:15   Treasures of the World - Heritage of Mankind (XLIII): The
DW      Taj Mahal, India: a Monument to Undying Love; 15 min.

09:30   Feature: Craftsmanship in the Service of Music; The Organ-
DW      Builders Andreas and Gottfried Silbermann; 30 min.

12:15   In Concert: Annie Lennox (1995); stereo; 40 min.

12:55   In Concert: Carly Simon; stereo; 50 min.

14:00   Zell-O-Fun '96; with Caught In The Act, Backstreet Boys,
SWF     East 17, Whigfield, bnd, Tic Tac Toe and others; 60 min.

19:00   Bizarre, Bizarre: John Cleese, part 3 of 3; UK, 1968; comedy;
arte    original version with subtitles; 30 min.

20:15   Der Rosenkavalier; opera by R. Strauss; with Barbara Bonney,
3sat    Anne Sophie von Otter; stereo; 230 min.

Su, December 29:

00:45   20 Years European Jazz Ensemble; Cologne, 06/26/1996; stereo;
WDR     60 min.

01:05   Lost-In-Music Night; schedule: 01:05 Girls, Girls, Girls (Pop
3sat    Music), 02:00 London Jungle (Bill Riley and others), 02:55
        Electronic Jam (Oval and others), 03:50 Crossover, 04:45
        Mother, Doris and Relatives, 05:45-06:40 Out Of Country;
        335 min.

01:30   H.E.A.T. - Hits, Entertainment and Topics; 60 min.

01:45   Doc Music Club; 65 min.

01:45   Rock Palace: Kingfisch (Munich, 10/20/1977), Grateful Dead
WDR     (Essen, 03/29/1981); stereo; 240 min.

02:45   Space Night

09:15   Ludwig van Beethoven: violin concert in D-major, op. 51;
3sat    60 min.

11:00   Andre Previn conducts the Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra;
WDR     Johannes Brahms: concert in D-major for violin and orchestra
        op. 77; Richard Strauss: Sinfonia domestice op. 53; 90 min.

11:00   The Fairy Queen; opera by Henry Purcell; with Yvonne Kenny;
Bayern  English with German subtitles; 135 min.

11:45   Placido Domingo; 90 min.

14:15   The Kelly Family; christmas specail; guests: The Cieftains,
SAT1    BAP, Joe Cocker; 115 min.

17:30   H.E.A.T. - Hits, Entertainment and Topics; repeat; 60 min.

19:00   Cartoon Factory; France, 1923-37; original versions with
arte    subtitles; 30 min.

21:45   Video Timeline; 15 min.

22:35   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 50 min.

Mo, December 30:

00:05   "Middlemarch", part 5 of 7; UK, 1994; series; 55 min.

02:15   Space Night

04:20   ABC World News Tonight; 25 min.

06:10   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; repeat; 50 min.

13:00   Jazz Meets Classic, part 1: Modern String Quartet; 45 min.

.13:30   Video Timeline; repeat; 15 min.

16:30   Anthony Quinn; portrait; 60 min.

18:00   Feature: Hair, Long Beautiful Hair - Of Hairdos and
DW      Hairdoers; 30 min.

18:30   Feature: Head over Heels - The Berlin School of Acrobatics;
DW      30 min.

19:00   Don Quijote; Spain, 1981; animated series, part 16 of 39;
arte    30 min.

23:35   Jazz Open '96; highlights; 60 min.

Tu, December 31:

00:30   Dame Edna Megastar; christmas party with Barry Humphries;
3sat    guests: Roger Moore, Lulu and others; original version
        with German subtitles; 60 min.

01:00   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 50 min.

02:20   Space Night

05:05   ABC World News Tonight; 25 min.

06:10   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; repeat; 50 min.

09:15   Oldtimers - Old Models, Young Love; 15 min.

11:20   DanceHaus; dance charts show; highlights 1996; repeat; 16:9;
MDR     stereo; 45 min.

12:00   Hudson Shad Singing Comedian Harmonists; stereo; 55 min.

13:00   Jazz Meets Classic, part 2: Modern String Quartet; 45 min.

16:25   Tchaikovsky: symphony no. 6 h-minor op. 74 (Pathetique);
WDR     performed by the Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra,
        11/14/1996, conducted by Semyon Bychkov; 50 min.

17:00   Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 d-minor op. 125;
MDR     conducted by Kurt Masur; stereo; 75 min.

17:30   New Year's Eve Concert of the Berliner Philharmoniker 1996;
ZDF     with Bryn Terfel, conducted by Claudio Abbado; live; 16:9;
        stereo; 90 min.

19:00   Don Quijote; Spain, 1981; animated series, part 17 of 39;
arte    30 min.

19:00   "Dinner For One"; black and white sketch by Freddie Frinton
WDR     with himself and May Warden; black and white; 20 min. [you
        can also watch it at 19:10 on MDR, at 19:40 on NDR, at 20:15
        on SWF and tomorrow at 00:35 on Bayern and at 01:00 on NDR]

19:20   "Born Yesterday" (Blondinen kuesst man nicht); USA, 1993;
WDR     comedy starring John Goodman, Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson;
        directed by Louis Mandoki; 100 min.

We, January 1:

00:00   Hits Of '96; with Michael Jackson, Fool's Garden and others;
3sat    stereo; 175 min.

00:05   The best of the shows at the Lido, Paris; stereo; 60 min.

00:30   Rock '97; live cuts of Rock Stewart, Curtis Stigers,
SAT1    Backstreet Boys, Diana Ross, Soul II Soul, David Bowie,
        East 17, Alanis Morissette, Alannah Myles and others; 90 min.

02:00   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 50 min.

02:25   Space Night

02:55   Chartbreakers; hits non-stop; stereo; 160 min.

03:00   Mega Dance in the Westfalenhalle Dortmund; repeat from
WDR     September 15; with Culture Beat, Worlds Apart, Scooter, Alex
        Party, Yell 4 You, Buerger Lars Dietrich, Cocktails, Taucher,
        Ro-cee, Tic Tac Toe, The Free; stereo; 180 min.

03:15   Disco Inferno; with Boney M., Baccara, Gloria Gaynor, Donna
ARD     Summer, Penny McLean and others; 165 min.

05:35   Greatest Hits Of Bon Jovi; stereo; 85 min.

06:10   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; repeat; 50 min.

12:15   New Years Concert; live from Vienna with the Philharmony
ZDF     Vienna, conducted by Ricardo Muti; 16:9; stereo; 75 min.

15:40   Gala On Ice; live from Garmisch-Partenkirchen with Denise
ZDF     Biellmann, Steven Cousins, Tanja Szewczenko and others;
        85 min.

19:00   Don Quijote; Spain, 1981; animated series, part 18 of 39;
arte    30 min.

21:45   Swan Lake (Schwanensee); ballet by Peter Tchaikovsky with
arte    Peter Schaufuss, Evelyn Hart; 110 min.

22:30   "The Outsider" (Der Aussenseiter); USA, 1961; black and white
WDR     anti war drama starring Tony Curtis, Gregory Wallcott, James
        Franciscus, directed by Delbert Mann; [German premiere of the
        uncut version]; 105 min.

Th, January 2:

00:20   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 50 min.

02:40   Space Night

06:10   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; repeat; 50 min.

12:50   Music Shop Extra: Music City USA; country, blues and
ARD     Rock'n'Roll; stereo; 10 min.

19:00   Don Quijote; Spain, 1981; animated series, part 19 of 39;
arte    30 min.

Fr, January 3:

00:00   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 50 min.

03:05   Space Night

05:20   ABC World News Tonight; 25 min.

06:10   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; repeat; 50 min.

18:55   Mr. Bean; UK, 1992 or earlier; comedy series starring Rowan
ARD     Atkinson; stereo; original version with German subtitles;
        30 min.


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  Eutelsat transponder or are only French dubbed on the Eutelsat
  transponder or are only German dubbed on the Astra transponder
  and might be in the original version on Kopernikus 3, 7.02 MHz,
  or on Astra, 7.38 MHz.

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Frequencies of the tv stations:

ARD                    Astra 11494 h
ZDF                    Astra 10964 h
WDR (West 3)           Astra 11053 h
SWF (Suedwest 3)       Astra 11186 v
NDR (Nord 3)           Astra 11582 h
Bayern (Bayern 3)      Astra 11141 h
MDR (MDR 3)            Astra 11112 h
3sat                   Astra 11347 v
RTL                    Astra 11229 v
Super RTL              Astra 11391 h
RTL2                   Astra 11214 h / Eutelsat 11095 h
tm3                    Astra 10936 v / Eutelsat 11638 h
VOX                    Astra 11273 h / Eutelsat 11593 h /
                                       Kopernikus_3 11602 v
arte                   Astra 10714 h / Eutelsat 11055 h /
                       Eutelsat 11080 v / Kopernikus_3 11548 v
SAT1                   Astra 11288 v / Kopernikus_2 11675 h, 12658 v
                                       Kopernikus_3 11475 h
DW                     Eutelsat 11163 v
RAIUNO                 Eutelsat 11363 v
RAIDUE                 Eutelsat 11449 v
RAITRE                 Eutelsat 11532 v


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