LIST: (04/12-04/24) Movies in original version on German/Italian satellite tv

List of movies on German and Italian satellite tv that come
at least on one audio channel in the original version:

April 12 - April 24 (time is Central Europe Summer Time)

Su, April 12:

08:50   Buongiorno Musica!: Symphony No. 40 in G min., K.550 
RaiTre  and Violin concerto No. 3 in G, K.216 by Wolfgang 
|       Amadeus Mozart; Isabelle Van Keulen, violin; Eliahu
|       Inbal conducting; stereo; 60 min

23:35   Effetto Cinema: movie magazine; the interviews are
RaiUno  in original language with Italian subtitles; 40 min

Mo, April 13:

00:35   Acto do Primavera; Portugal, 1963; documentary film
RaiTre  directed by Manoel de Oliveira; Original version
|       with Italian subtitles; 127 min

08:30   Easter Concerto with Jose Carreras from the Basilica
RaiTre  of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome; stereo; 60 min

09:30   Easter Concerto from Orvieto; Teatro 'La Fenice' of
RaiDue  Venice Orchestra and Chorus; stereo; 75 min

09:45   The Pilgrim; USA, 1923; B&W silent comedy starring
RaiTre  Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance; directed by Charlie
|       Chaplin; 38 min.

09:50   Sacred Music; with Andrea Bocelli; Accademia di
RaiUno  Santa Cecilia Orchestra and Chorus conducted by
|       Myung-Whun Chung; stereo; 100 min

Tu, April 14:

00:15   Space Night

We, April 15:

00:15   Space Night

02:40   The Floor-Walker; USA, 1916; black and white silent
RaiTre  comedy starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance,
|       Albert Austin; directed by Charlie Chaplin; 20 min

Th, April 16:

00:15   Space Night

Fr, April 17:

00:15   Space Night

00:35   Umbria Jazz 1997 (part 2); stereo; 50 min

Sa, April 18:

00:10   Prima della Prima: 'Elektra' by Richard Strauss;
RaiTre  Teatro Bellini of Catania; 35 min

00:15   Space Night

00:45   BR Rock Night; with Till & Obel [German comedians],
Bayern  Lighthouse Family and others; 315 min.

01:55   Jazz Festival Berlin 96; jazz mix; stereo; 60 min.

05:25   Rave Around The World; dance night

10:00   Babylon; multi-cultural magazine; 60 min.
12:15   20 Years Spider Murphy Gang; 1997; stereo; 60 min.

13:00   "Ring des Nibelungen" by Richard Wagner; conducted
NDR     by Gerd Albrecht, staged by Guenter Kramer; stereo;
|       60 min.

13:00   Monitor Italia; for Italians in Germany; 30 min.

13:30   Luzyca; 30 min.

14:00   Livetime; Paula Cole; 1997; stereo; 60 min.

17:30   ZDF inside report: "The Midnight Bus"; 30 min.

18:00   Treasures of the World - Heritage of Mankind;
DW      Palenque - Ruined City of the Maya; 15 min.
18:15   Curators of Culture: The Bauhaus in Dessau;
DW      15 min.
19:00   Absolutely Fabulous, part 1 of 18; UK, 1992-96;
arte    comedy series; original version with subtitles;
|       30 min.

20:00   Opening Concert for the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden;
3sat    World Orchestra for Peace plays Mendelssohn
|       Bartholdy, Bartok and Brahms; live; stereo;
|       120 min.

Su, April 19:

00:30   Space Night

01:35   Samba Traore; Burkina Faso, 1993; drama starring
RaiTre  Bakary Sangare', Samba Mariam Kaba; directed by 
|       Idrissa Ouedraogo; Original version with Italian
|       subtitles; 90 min

01:45   Rock Palace; 13th Blues Festival; Roger Chapman &
WDR     The Shortlist, Popa Chubby, Canned Heat, Walter
|       Wolfman Washington & The Roadmasters; Bonn,
|       04/13/98; stereo; 285 min.

02:20   Jazz Baltica 95; with Nils Landgren Funk Unit;
3sat    stereo; 90 min.

03:05   Tilai; Burkina Faso, 1990; drama starring Rasmane
RaiTre  Ouedraogo, Ina Cisse', Roukietou Barry; directed by 
|       Idrissa Ouedraogo; Original version with Italian
|       subtitles; 83 min

04:25   Rave Around The World; dance night

09:15   Classic Music: Bela Bartok; stereo; 45 min.

11:00   Mozart: KV 622; stereo; 60 min.

11:00   The Barber Of Sevilla; opera by Gioacchino Rossini;
Bayern  conducted by Joseph Keilberth, staged by Herbert
|       List; 1959; black and white; 140 min.

12:00   James Conlon conducts the Guerzenich Orchestra of
WDR     Cologne Philharmonists: Franz Schreker; 1997;
|       stereo; 20 min.

13:00   Video Timeline; 15 min.

13:15   EXPO 2000 - The World Exposition Hannover; 15 min.

17:30   Video Timeline; repeat; 15 min.

18:00   H.E.A.T. - Hits, Entertainment and Topics; 60 min.

18:00   Best of Bravo Hits; with Take That, Michael
RTL2    Jackson, Janet Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Kelly
|       Family, Aaron Carter; 120 min.

19:00   Cartoon Factory; USA, 1923-37; original versions
arte    with subtitles; 30 min.

19:30   Stephen Collins Foster; concert; Pittsburgh, 1996;
arte    60 min.

21:30   Treasures of the World - Heritage of Mankind;
DW      Palenque - Ruined City of the Maya; repeat; 15 min.

22:45   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; guest: Celine Dion;
tm3     55 min.

23:50   Without Filter: Keb' Mo'; 60 min.

Mo, April 20:

02:45   Space Night

04:20   Rave Around The World; Dance Night

11:00   The Barber Of Sevilla; Italy, 1955; opera movie;
ORB     directed by Camillo Mastrocinque; 92 min.

18:00   Alice - The European Culture Magazine; 30 min.

18:30   Feature: Pictures that Make the World; A Portrait
DW      of Reuters News Agency; 30 min.

22:25   "Tutti giu per terra" (Bleib an den Fluegeln);
arte    Italy, 1997; made for tv movie starring Valerio
|       Mastandrea, Carlo Monni, Caterina Caselli; original
|       version with subtitles; 86 min.

Tu, April 21:

01:05   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 45 min.

01:25   Space Night

04:40   Rave Around The World; Dance Night

18:30   Close-up: The Current Feature Report; 30 min.

23:15   Luzyca; repeat; 30 min.

We, April 22:

00:00   Slaughterhouse In Concert; with Johnny Clegg &
Bayern  Juluka; 1997; 45 min.

01:15   Space Night

01:30   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 45 min.

04:50   Rave Around The World; dance night

14:00   Disco, 1972; 45 min.

18:00   European Journal - The European Magazine; 30 min.

18:30   Feature: From Hamburg to Shanghai and Back; A
DW      Sino-German Student Exchange; 30 min.

Th, April 23:

01:20   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 45 min.

01:30   Space Night

05:30   Rave Around The World; dance night

18:00   Arts Unlimited - The cultural magazine; 30 min.
18:30   Feature: China on the Move; The Tianjin
DW      Sino-German Training Centre; 30 min.

23:15   Round Midnight; Claude Williams Quintet; Cologne,
WDR     1997; stereo; 60 min.

Fr, April 24:

00:15   Piano Solo: Eugen Cicero; Cologne, 1997; stereo;
WDR     45 min.

01:05   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 45 min.

00:40   Space Night

05:25   Rave Around The World; Dance Night

14:00   Country Roads; country music; stereo; 45 min.

18:30   regarding - The Story of the Week; Saxony-Anhalt
DW      before the elections; 30 min.


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Frequencies of the tv stations:

ARD                    Astra 11494 h
ZDF                    Astra 10964 h
WDR (West 3)           Astra 11053 h
SWF (Suedwest 3)       Astra 11186 v
NDR (Nord 3)           Astra 11582 h
Bayern (Bayern 3)      Astra 11141 h
MDR (MDR 3)            Astra 11112 h
Hessen                 Astra 11068 v
ORB                    Astra 11656 v
BR-Alpha               Astra 11686 v
3sat                   Astra 11347 v
RTL                    Astra 11229 v
Super RTL              Astra 11391 h
tm3                    Astra 10936 v
SAT1                   Astra 11288 v
RTL2                   Astra 11214 h / Eutelsat 11095 h
VOX                    Astra 11273 h / Eutelsat 11593 h
arte                   Astra 10714 h / Eutelsat 11080 v
DW                     Eutelsat 11163 v
RaiUno                 Eutelsat 11363 v
RaiDue                 Eutelsat 11449 v
RaiTre                 Eutelsat 11532 v


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