SAT Observations 96.12.01

A news release from Cairo, Egypt, located at 30.3 North - 31.15 East
- Satellite and Transponder Observations in C- and Ku-Band,
- Commented from the Middle Eastern perspective.

- Astra, Eutelsat Superbeam and Skandinavian Reports.
- D-Box Info, DF-1 Reports and daily Feed Listings.

- ART & others: Loss of Signal
- Turksat 1C
- Arabsat 2A
- Hot Bird 2

Yesterdays report has not been transmitted, due to a lack of interesting
news. You've missed therefore nothing.

PANAMSAT 4, 68.4 East SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/pas4.html
In the 1stNEt DStv package all ART channels, LBC, MCM, M-Net and the
SHOWTIME promo channel lost their signal at 21:50 CET for a couple of
minutes complete, thereafter a pink/green picture was visible. The
information for each channel was received correctly.
TNT, NDC, ESC2, TMC, Paramount, TV-Land, MTV, VH-1, Bloomberg & the
Preview channel could be received without problems.

Also, at the same time, txm an empty carrier:
ART, on both Ku & C-Band, and LBC on ARABSAT 2A, 26 East
ART Europa on EUTELSAT II-f3, 16 East

Txm was restored after 40 minutes, at about 22:30 CET. It must have been
an up-link error, while the failing channels were across several txpr.

Turksat 1C, 42 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/t1c.html
Euro-D, the European version of Turkish channel D, has moved for the
second time in a relative short period of time. They switched from txpr
1, 11.514 GHZ, V to txpr 2L, 11.568 GHz, V on the Euro-Beam. Sound
carriers remained the same.

ARABSAT 2A, 26 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/a2a.html
The Ku txpr 7, reserved for Kuwait TV, on 12.646 GHz, H has been
activated again, showing a colourbar test card and this time a test tone
on sound carrier 6.60 MHz.

Abu Dhabi on txpr 6, 12.620 GHz, V, changed their on-screen logo to an
silvery heraldic eagle, carrieng a wapen, in the upper right corner of
the screen.

EUTELSAT II-f2, 10 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/e2f2.html
BHT - Bosna i Hercegovine TV finally returned on txpr 21, 11.080 GHz
(EbS channel) from 22:00 CET. Sound carrier on 6.60 MHz.

GORIZONT 26, 11 West, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/g26.html
On txpr 9, 3.825 GHz, Rc, was again NTV txm with the identical
programming as seen on GALS 1/2 , txpr 2, 11.919 GHz, Rc. Sound carrier
on the Gorizont was available at 6.60 MHz. During the observation there
was an empty sound carrier on the GALS txpr 2 on 6.80 MHz.

HOT BIRD 2, Testposition 26 East, 
SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/hotbird.html

The HB2 has been seen testing by several OM's on the frequency 12.092
GHz, H, on the 26 degrees East position. As per Eutelsat
announcement,this satellite will be operational on the 20. or 21. of
December at 13 degrees East, joining the Eutelsat II-f1 and Hot Bird 1.

Comment: Why do they test on the Arabsat 2A position, don't they have a
reserved position on 29 East? Or are they moving from there already to
the final position?

For all interested readers, check from now on for txpr test txm on the
following frequencies, just between 26 and 13 East, starting from 26

Tp:    Freq.:           TV Channel:                  Mode     Beam
50     11.727 V         RTP International            analog   Widebeam
51     11.747 H         EDTV Dubai                   analog   Widebeam
52     11.766 V         RAI                          digital  Superbeam
53     11.785 H         Deutsche Telekom             analog   Superbeam
54     11.804 V         RAI                          digital  Superbeam
55     11.823 H         Nethold                      digital  Superbeam
56     11.843 V         Stream                       digital  Superbeam
57     11.862 H         Nethold                      digital  Superbeam
58     11.881 V         Stream                       digital  Superbeam
59     11.900 H         Nethold                      digital  Superbeam
60     11.919 V         Mediaset                     digital  Superbeam
61     11.938 H         TPS                          digital  Superbeam
62     11.958 V         Telepiu                      digital  Superbeam
63     11.977 H         Svenska Kabel                digital  Superbeam
64     11.966 V         Telepiu                      digital  Superbeam
65     12.015 H         ART                          analog   Widebeam
66     12.034 V         Telepiu                      digital  Superbeam
67     12.053 H         Svenska Kabel                digital  Superbeam
68     12.072 V         Telepiu                      digital  Superbeam
69     12.092 H         NBC                          analog   Widebeam

Best regards,

Henk C. Room / Sat-MidEast / Cairo - Egypt

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