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TELE-satellit News, 5 August 1996

Transponder News

- A strong test-signal has been on 11.346 Ghz v since a few days ago. It's
black-screen from TURKSAT 1C at the test-position 31 degrees E. You can see
the signal with a 80 cm-dish in very good quality.

ASTRA 1A-1F, 19.2E
- Documania is move to transponder 11.008 Ghz v (Minimax). The docu-channel
comes between 21.00 to 3.00 CET, the children's programm between 8.00 to
21.00 CET (usual). Sports-programm SportsMania you can seen on the former
Documania-transponder 11.685 Ghz h. SportsMania is extend the programm-time
on 24 hours daily (former between 21.00 to circa 4.00 CET).
- HSN Direct, another home-shopping programm, is to start on transponder 42,
11.097 Ghz v. Between 5.00 to 7.00 CET (4.00 to 6.00 UK time) broadcast the
channel in PAL in the clear. Other channels: EBN, BRAVO, Playboy Chanel.
- TV Shop, another shopping-channel, comes on 10.744 Ghz h after the
close-down for Veronica 6 - in PAL clear too.
- Tonight I don't found the Sci-Fi-Channel on 11.612 Ghz h. After the
close-down by Nickelodeon Scandinavia there was broadcasting a black-card
(D2 MAC clear) only.
- On Thursday morning, around 2.00 CET, TV3 Danmark and TV3 Sweden has
ceased transmission on ASTRA.
- The entertaiment-channel TV 1000 will cease service on 11.302 Ghz h on
August15. That's told Christian Lyngemark. According to Hans Thomas
Teuschow, the brand-new programm Sky Two will start soon on this place. A
new entertaiment-channel like Sky One will add in the BSkyB
- Porn-channel TV Eurotica is ceased in the last night service on 11.638 Ghz
h. You can seen the programm now on 11.055 Ghz h (ex Kabel 1). Stereo-sound
at 7.02/7.20 MHz. Between 4.00 to 23.55 CET comes currently nothing on this
- Now AB Channel 1 come on analogue. Test-transmissions without sound have
been noted in the last weeks on 11.638 Ghz h and 11.676 Ghz h.

- Marcello Berengo Gardin told me, DSTV, in this case, stand for Danish
Satellite TV, the owner of TV Eurotica. On the former transponder by
Eurotica, 11.638 Ghz h, comes a rolling text calling: DSTV move to 11.055
Ghz h. The porn-channel was ceased service on 11.638 Ghz h (new owner is TM3).
- German's TM3 - "Fernsehen fur Frauen", is start parallel on 11.638 Ghz h.
On this place was broadcating in the last months TV Eurotica  (new frequency
11.055 Ghz h, ex Kabel 1) and AB Sat, the french digital package. First in
mono only, after 16.00 CET in stereo-sound. The other frequency of TM 3 is
Hot Bird-transpondr 11.345 Ghz h.
TM 3 will move on September 1th to ASTRA 19.2 degrees E and cease the
service via EUTELSAT in few weeks.

- Porn-channel Satisfaction Club TV is suspend in the August 1996. Marcello
Berengo Gardin has said: "I spoke yesterday [wednesday] with the owner of
the channel. They had big trouble with their subscription management (he
told me that someone broke in their computers, leaving a virus as a
present...) and their are going to suspend the transimission during August.
They will be back in September, also during Thursday night, with a new
encryption system (guess wich one... it was used by SNAI tv for a while,
just a couple of months ago). Subscriber will have the decoder swapped
during next weeks."

SIRIUS 1, 5.2E
- According to Richard Karlsson, a brand-new programm will start in the next
time on transponder 11.785 Ghz rhc. On the moment comes a Viasattrailer
non-stop in PAL in the clear.

THOR, 0.8W
- After the end of The Discovery Channel on 11.938 Ghz rhc you can seen the
shopping-programm HSN Direct in D2 MAC clear. HSN broadcast between 1.00 to
7.00 CET, like INTELSAT 601, 11.055 Ghz h in PAL.

AMOS 1, 4.0W
- On 11.305 GHz h have been noted first transmission after few weeks: from
Hungary broadcasted a religious event; sound at 6.60/7.20 MHz.

- A test-programm for the new French station "Festival" is replaced on
12.668 Ghz h (former France Telecom-testcard). That's told me Nicolas Ghita.
The regular programm by "Festival" it's add on the TPS  digital-package

  All reports from Stefan Hagedorn <dxstefan@aol.com>

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